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Brighten up your Valentine's with an iroha ukidama

For this Valentine's Day, iroha would like to focus on the iroha ukidama as the perfect pleasure item for both yourself and your partner.

Not only does the iroha ukidama work great for some relaxing alone time, but it also works as a partnered pleasure item too. Let the iroha ukidama brighten up your Valentine's Day this year, whether it is through some quality self-pleasure time, or a sensual bath with your partner.

Purchase the iroha ukidama and get 1 free iroha petit or TENGA EGG Lovers of your choice to either use on yourself, on your partner, or both!
Plus, there's free shipping if you purchase an iroha ukidama! So don't miss the chance to relax and feel the vibes this Valentine's.



Why you should celebrate this Valentine's Day with iroha:

While Valentine's Day is often seen as a holiday for couples, at iroha we understand that not everyone wants to or is celebrating with someone.
We believe that Valentine's should be focused on showing love in general, that could be to yourself or to others. Thus, we are focusing our February promotion 'iroha Shines This Valetine's' on the amazing iroha ukidama.

The iroha ukidama is a great option for both solo or partnered use with its unique features that allows it to be used during bath time.
To make this Valentine's even more special, you are free to choose an extra gift for either yourself or your partner, the iroha petit or TENGA EGG Lovers, when purchasing the iroha ukidama. 


Let's explore the iroha ukidama together!

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Left to right: iroha ukidama TAKÉ, HOSHI, HANA

Taking a nice hot bath after a long day is a popular choice of relaxation for the Japanese, with that in mind, the iroha team decided to make bath times even more pleasurable and relaxing with the iroha ukidama.

The iroha ukidama was created to upgrade your bath time rituals, and also make it easier to implement self-pleasure into your regular self-care routine.

Here are some features of the iroha ukidama that makes it great for both solo and partnered use:

  • Waterproof and floats in water - makes it perfect for both baths and jacuzzis
  • Built-in LED light with 4 different settings - easy to create the right ambience
  • 3 levels of vibration strength with 1 pulse rhythm
  • Detachable top allowing easy cleaning and drying
  • Magnetic USB charging cable and specially designed base
  • 3 different designs: TAKÉ, HOSHI, HANA 



How to use the iroha ukidama:

  1. Run a nice hot bath, for added bonus we recommend using some bath salts/bombs or some aroma oils.
  2. Switch on the LED light of the iroha ukidama to set the mood
  3. Switch on the iroha ukidama to a vibration setting that works for you or your partner and start massaging.
  4. With the tapered tip, users can easily pinpoint a specific spot on their body or their partner's body. 
  5. Possibly start with tensed muscles such as in the shoulders or the back (or any particular place you desire) then slowly work towards the erogenous zones.
  6. Adjusting the vibration to the liking of the person is also recommended.

And that's how you can use the iroha ukidama by yourself or with your partner!

Check out the iroha ukidama:



Terms & Conditions

- 1 Free iroha petit or TENGA EGG Lovers when an iroha ukidama is added to the cart
- Free item must be added at the cart and NOT as part of your order.
- The deal will be running from February 1st until 28th 23:59 PST.
- Promotion cannot be used with other codes, discounts, or bundles
- While stocks last
- Deal valid for any purchase made on the iroha USA Store
- Free shipping available for orders over $75