More Pleasure with the New iroha+ Series!

We are excited to announce that our most popular series, the iroha+ Series is renewed! As a brand, our goal is to help more people start and enjoy their self-pleasure journey. To do so, we wanted to bring our fans and all pleasure seekers the best pleasure items, so we decided to refresh our iroha+ Series.

Let’s find out more about the renewed iroha+ Series!


The Concept of the iroha+ Series

Original iroha+ Banner and copy

We first released the iroha+ Series in Japan back in 2015 and globally 2016. The goal of this series is to provide luxurious pleasure items that are a step beyond the original iroha Series, which is meant to be a welcoming pleasure item aimed at beginners.

The iroha+ series was the next step in both power and possibilities of sensations. The ‘plus’ signifies a strong motor, with more levels of vibration strength and an extra vibration pattern. Unlike the iroha Series, where the designs are more rounded, the iroha+ Series has more edges and ridges that provide stronger sensations. This allows the users to experience and experiment with different sensations and pleasures that the original iroha Series did not have, while providing the same luxurious, exclusive Soft-Touch Silicone experience.

Since the release of the iroha+, the series has been a fans favorite, with the iroha+ TORI being one of the bestsellers, and the iroha+ KUSHI being featured in many media due to its elegant design, and the iroha+ YORU being the elegant addition for more pinching and teasing stimulation.

So you must be wondering what will be different with the renewed iroha+ Series? Keep on reading to find out!

Get Familiar with the New iroha+ Features

For any pleasure product we create, our mission is to create pleasure items that fulfill the users’ needs while making the users feel comfortable with their bodies. With the popularity of the original iroha+ Series, our goal with this series renewal is to make what was good even better, as we did with the original iroha Series. We stay true to our original intention of making the iroha+ Series the next step for the iroha Series, by keeping our classic and signature Soft-Touch Silicone. We also made sure the renewed iroha+ Series offers different sensations with defined edges and ridges as the original ones did. Last, but not least, we kept the anti-dust coating, so that iroha+ Series can be put on display without getting all dusty. So, what is different?

iroha+ KUSHI's new design
  • Brand New iroha+ KUSHI Design: The iroha+ KUSHI design has changed! The new iroha+ KUSHI now features more pronounced details, with bolder ribs allowing for the users to feel more.
    iroha+ Vibration strengths and modes
  • All New Vibration Pattern: The iroha+ Series now offers 3 rhythmic vibration patterns, with relaxing pulsation as the newest one, so you can now experiment more to find the one that suits your needs the most. Now the series comes with a total of 7 different vibration modes.
    Simple 1 button control
  • Simple 1-Button Control: Just like the renewed iroha Series, the iroha+ Series now uses a simple 1-button control. The 1-button control allows the users to easily and intuitively control the device when they are in the moment.
    New Charging cable
  • New Charging Cable: With the change of the 1-button control, we have updated our charging cable too. The new charging method is much more compact and uses less plastic. The charging cable is the same as the renewed iroha Series, allowing our fans to use the charging cable interchangeably between both series.
    iroha+ charging lights
  • Know When You are Done Charging: Unlike the previous version of the iroha+, where the charging lights are on the charging base. The renewed iroha+ itself has a charging lamp that will light up and blink when charging. Once the item is done charging, the light will turn off.
    iroha+ in Nadeshiko Pink
  • Available in Nadeshiko Color: We are happy to announce that the iroha+ Series will now be available in the Nadeshiko Pink Color too!

With our renewal, we made sure that the essence of the original ones was kept, but added more: more vibrations, more pronounced designs, more user-friendly changes, and more color options.

Why You Should Check Them Out!

The New iroha+ Series Banner

The original iroha+ Series will always have a special place in our hearts, but we are also very excited to share the new iroha+ Series with you. We hope you will love the renewed version just as much, or even more than, the original. As it encompasses all the goodness of the original ones but with more features. Such as simple 1-button control, a new relaxing pulsation, a new charging cable, a brand-new design for the iroha+ KUSHI, and new color options.

So, if you are looking to take your self-pleasure journey to the next level with more pleasure, be sure to check out the renewed iroha+ Series here!

If pink is your vibe, why not get the iroha+ in the Nadeshiko Color?