Iroha minamo

iroha MINAMO

Iroha rin+ sango

iroha RIN+ SANGO

Iroha yuki

iroha YUKI

Iroha rin+ hisui

iroha RIN+ HISUI

Iroha mikazuki


Hmz-01 iroha zen matcha green tea battery powered vibrator for women female sex toys

iroha zen MATCHA

Iroha mini ume-anzu

iroha mini Ume-Anzu

Iroha temari kazé

iroha temari KAZÉ

Iroha sakura

iroha SAKURA

Iroha midori

iroha MIDORI

Iroha rin akané


Hmz-02 iroha zen hanacha battery powered vibrator for women female sex toys

iroha zen HANACHA

Iroha temari mizu

iroha temari MIZU


Pleasure is a personal journey — discover what vibrator works for you 

At iroha, we believe in the gentle art of self-love, where pleasure and well-being go hand in hand. Our collection of vibrators is a testament to our commitment to creating toys that are not just tools for intimate stimulation but an integral part of your self-care rituals.

Regardless of whether you’re new to the world of sexual wellness or looking to expand your collection to introduce unique sensations and stimulations, our vibrators add a luxurious dimension to your everyday routine, akin to a soothing facial or a relaxing bubble bath.

Embrace your sexual wellness with iroha’s beginner-friendly sex toy vibrators

Crafted from silky-smooth, skin-friendly materials that are gentle on delicate areas, our sex toys and vibrators offer everything from gentle pulsing sensations to powerful rhythmic vibrations, all within ergonomically designed devices. No matter whether you crave the internal intensity of a G-spot vibrator or the soft caress and delicate curves of an egg vibrator, every iroha toy will help you embrace the natural and universal feeling of desire, transforming how you experience pleasure with every stroke.

iroha’s products embody a soft, holistic approach to self-discovery, promising that every moment spent with our vibrators is a step toward understanding and nurturing your body. From discreet, pocket-sized bullet vibrators to external clitoral vibrators, our wellness products — which have been recognized with Red Dot Design Awards — are waterproof and intuitive to operate, inviting you to comfortably explore your sexuality in the bath, shower, or under the covers.

The iroha difference — nurturing self-love through sensual exploration

Our vibrators, crafted with a deep understanding of the inherent connection between mind, body, and spirit, offer much more than stimulation — they’re your partners in your journey toward sexual exploration and discovering what feels best for you.

With our vibrating sex toys, every moment of pleasure is a step toward celebrating your natural desires and overall wellness.

Shop the collection online today to let our vibrators be a gentle reminder of the joy and importance of self-love and intimate care.

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