Iroha yuki

iroha YUKI

Iroha mini ume-anzu

iroha mini Ume-Anzu

Iroha temari kazé

iroha temari KAZÉ

Iroha temari mizu

iroha temari MIZU

Iroha mini sora-mikan

iroha mini Sora-Mikan

Iroha mini fuji-lemon

iroha mini Fuji-Lemon

Iroha temari hana

iroha temari HANA

Iroha ukidama hoshi
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iroha ukidama HOSHI

Iroha ukidama hana
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iroha ukidama HANA

Iroha ukidama také
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iroha ukidama TAKÉ


Sink into self-love with iroha’s range of vibrating eggs

Meet iroha’s collection of vibrating eggs — ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand so you can discover new realms of stimulation in a comfortable, safe environment.

Whether you're new to the world of vibrators or deepening your understanding of what brings you joy, our vibrating egg sex toys are a discreet yet powerful way to explore pleasure at your own pace.

Make pleasure a part of your everyday wellness routine

We see our egg vibrators as a celebration of the natural and universal desire for self-pleasure. Our tech-forward designs are crafted with your well-being in mind, embodying our overarching mission to make sexual wellness accessible for all and a cherished aspect of everyday life. So, whether you prefer the gentle tease of pulsing sensations or the intensity of high-speed vibration patterns, our vibrating eggs will help you understand your body in a way that only personal exploration can reveal.

Every egg vibrator in our range is crafted from smooth and skin-friendly material, ensuring gentle contact on even the most delicate areas. They’re perfect for both solo pleasure and partnered play, merging soothing sensations with unparalleled functionality, giving you intuitive control over the intensity for a completely customizable experience. Plus, our vibrating eggs are waterproof up to 20”, so you can extend intimate moments to the bath or shower and discover new ways to heighten your senses.

Embrace uninterrupted stimulation with iroha’s egg vibrators 

Delve into the soothing world of iroha’s egg vibrators — where innovative, high-tech features meet the gentle and calm embrace of self-care. Explore our collection online today to enhance your moments of intimacy, be it in a relaxing bubble bath, a steamy shower, or your cozy bed. If you’re here to expand your toy collection, browse our selection of award-winning clit vibrators and bullet vibrators.

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