Iroha yuki

iroha YUKI

Hmz-01 iroha zen matcha green tea battery powered vibrator for women female sex toys

iroha zen MATCHA

Iroha mini ume-anzu

iroha mini Ume-Anzu

Iroha midori

iroha MIDORI

Iroha temari kazé

iroha temari KAZÉ

Iroha sakura

iroha SAKURA

Hmz-02 iroha zen hanacha battery powered vibrator for women female sex toys

iroha zen HANACHA

Iroha temari mizu

iroha temari MIZU

Iroha mini sora-mikan

iroha mini Sora-Mikan

Iroha mini fuji-lemon

iroha mini Fuji-Lemon

Iroha temari hana

iroha temari HANA


Enhance external pleasure with iroha’s clitoral stimulators

Discover the nurturing touch of iroha's clitoral vibrators, where every beginner-friendly design is a blend of gentleness and strength, perfectly attuned to your wellness needs and desires. From discreet, pocket-sized clitoral stimulators crafted with soft silicone tips to the powerful and dynamic stimulation of our curved and ribbed clit vibes, our toys are here to assist you on your journey toward more self-love.

Embrace your sensuality — our unique approach to clitoral pleasure

We believe in the beauty of embracing your sensuality as an essential part of your daily self-care rituals. That's why our clit stimulators offer a soothing yet stimulating experience, tailor-made for the unique contours of your body. Explore your desires with our award-winning clitoral vibrators, and experience the luxurious and indulgent sensations that only iroha toys can provide.

Many of the clit stimulators and clit vibrators within our range are encased in silky-smooth, soft-to-the-touch waterproof silicone that glides gently across the body, meaning you can extend your desires to the bath or shower and enjoy a deeply personal and satisfying experience — whether alone or with your partner.

Nurture your desires and discover improved stimulation with our clit vibrators

Remember, our clitoral stimulators are not replacements for sex but a means to enrich your pleasure and discover what works for you and your body. Each vibrator is here to make stimulation a more enjoyable, normal, natural, and fulfilling part of life — a  celebration of self-love.

No matter what sensation or level of stimulation you prefer, we invite you to explore our range online today to discover powerful clit vibrators that’ll transform the way you approach self-pleasure and intimacy. For other toys that provide a spectrum of sensations, from quiet rumbles to exhilarating pulses, discover our selection of bullet and egg vibrators.

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