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         Redefining Pleasure

We believe that the pleasure our bodies seek is something to be valued as a key element of self-care.

iroha is a series of self-pleasure items designed to respond to these natural needs.

A brand to provide a delectable experience unlike any other.
A fun, safe way to treat your body to the luxurious sensations it seeks.

A new beginning in pleasure.



iroha offers a wide variety of self-pleasure items. 
If you having a hard time picking, take a look at our iroha product chart!



The iroha temari series - HANA, MIZU, KAZE (left to right)

A collection of three luxury vibrators encased in our unique SoftTouch silicone.

A series of powerful and sensual luxury vibrators with functional designs for the ultimate pleasure.

Two unique moon-inspired, insertable self-pleasure items that are soft, pliable, and made to gently fit the contours of the body.

A rechargeable model of our popular iroha RIN, the easy-to-hold shape and soft spherical tip providing unique sensations for insertable pleasure. 

The iroha temari features a powerful motor housed in a case specially designed to reduce vibration transmission to the holder.

The perfect item for bath lovers. A vibrator that is fully waterproof, can float in water, and lights up for that extra ambience.


moving iroha mini soramikan

Perfect for those who want a discreet and simple pleasure item.

A palm-size pleasure item that's powerful and carry with you.

The iroha zen combines the unique Soft-Touch Silicone with a portable, battery-powered body that is adorned with rows of pleats for a variety of sensations.

Japanese hair accessory inspired, the iroha RIN has a soft, spherical tip that is flexible and easy to use.

The iroha mini SORA-MIKAN


The iroha petit is an innovative self-pleasure item that offers a supple texture that presents a whole new sensation compared to conventional silicone or vibrating products.


The iroha petit SHELL



Our Beginning & What We Value

iroha was created in 2013 in Japan. Since then a lot has changed, however, female sexuality still tends be a seldom discussed social taboo in Japan. iroha was created as a brand to support women to explore and understand their sexuality while still keeping an often desired level of discretion.

In the years since its creation, iroha has developed and expanded. iroha intends to be a brand that grows with its users, who may not have a definite understanding or answer to their own sexuality yet. Today, we continue our mission of providing high quality self-pleasure items to those who are interested in self-pleasure, self-care, self-love, and exploring their sexual wellness. We want to create enjoyable items that allow our users to feel good about themselves, regardless of their sexuality. 


Our Mission

Freeing individuals from anything restraining their sexuality, whether mental, emotional, or physical.

Helping to bring about a society where everyone can comfortably discover and enjoy their sexuality in their own way.


What we hope to offer our users: Creations that brings positive attitudes towards sex and sexuality for all.


Self-pleasure is for everyone.          
Self-pleasure is part of self care &           
iroha hopes to redefine what pleasure means.   



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