Celebrate iroha's 11th Anniversary

Let's celebrate iroha's 11th birthday with a new brand message, a sale & a giveaway! 💗

First of all, iroha would like thank all our fans for the past 10 years! 💖
We are so happy to be able to grow with our fans and now celebrate our 11th birthday!

We realized that with so many years of experiences, it was the perfect time to refresh our message.
As the world is constantly changing, it is important to reflect this and set new goals.
To end our 10th year with a blast, we decided to offer a special sale and created a fun iroha color personality quiz for you to enjoy.

Not only will you get 11% off our popular iroha items, you also have a chance to win an iroha!

Keep on reading to find out more, including about our new message and achievements! 


New Brand Message

Color Your Pleasure

We all have bright and vibrant days,
and days that are muted and dull.
Some days you can be tickled pink,
some can leave you feeling blue.

Life isn't black or white; neither is pleasure.
There are times when you seek it,
and others when you don't indulge.
Passion can run from red hot to cool gray.
Embrace each and every color of your pleasure.

Love yourself and live life your way,
defining your own pleasure.
So, what’s the color of your pleasure today?


March 3rd, 2013 - iroha started out as a brand that hoped to encourage more women in Japan to look into self-pleasure.

We wanted to help more women to redefine what pleasure means to them.
To achieve such a goal, we developed pleasure items that are approachable, luxurious, and of course, pleasureable.

We make sure that every item we relase is innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and achieves the goal of encouraging more people to start their self care and self love journey.

Now, after 10 years, iroha has expanded a lot, thanks to all our fans' constant support.

As we have grown, we realized that we are at the perfect spot to update our brand statement and message to incorporate what we have learned and how we have changed, and also to include what we strive for.

From "Redefining Pleasure" to "Color Your Pleasure", iroha hopes to be there for all pleasure seekers around the world.
We wish to help more people take initiative for their pleasure and make their lives more colorful.
We want to empower people to embrace what they are feeling, and choose the pleasure they want, as there are as many facets of pleasure as there are colors in the world, thus "Color Your Pleasure".

New Tagline

iroha Logo

Have you noticed that our logo has changed?

Yes, as part of our celebrations, we have also updated our logo to reflect the brand a bit more.
As most of you may already know, many of iroha's products are inspired by Japanese elements and culture.
So, to truly reflect us, we decided that we want make it loud and clear, that iroha is the "Essence of Japan".
We will continue to look for inspiration around us and share the beautiful aspects of Japanese culture with the world in our own ways.


Kiko Mizuhara is iroha's Ambassador

iroha's ambassador - Kiko Mizuhara

iroha is proud to announce that Ms. Kiko Mizuhara is iroha's official ambassador!

As part of our 10th year celebration, we were lucky enough to work with Kiko Mizuhara.
Together we hope to help more people feel comfortable with their sexuality and encourage them to explore their pleasure.

Here is an interview we had with Kiko Mizuhara: