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A bag of good fortune and pleasure

Start the new year with iroha's specially curated and limited Lucky Bags!


iroha Lucky Bags offer the ultimate collection of iroha products that will bring both pleasure and good fortune to the person.
We have specially curated these Lucky Bags with our most popular items, allowing you to experience a variety of sensations and pleasures. There are two bags; the Luxury Lucky Bag and the Lucky Bag.

Both bags contain a variety of goodies that will brighten up your new year.

*Both Lucky Bags have limited stocks and can only be purchased through pre-order.



iroha believes in taking the initiative to look after oneself, such as with self-care and self-pleasure. As we start a new year, we hope that many will be encouraged to set new goals and resolutions, including ones like trying self-pleasure or self-pleasure more.

With our Lucky Bags, we specially curated a variety of products that will allow the user to explore different types of pleasure and sensations. Ultimately encouraging more to take the extra step to look after themselves. 


What is a Lucky Bag?

Lucky Bags (Fukubukuro in Japanese) are a part of the Japanese New Year experience.
The word Fukubukuro (福袋) combines two Japanese Kanji, Fuku (福) meaning good fortune and Bukuro (袋) which means bag.

In Japan, there is a saying there is good fortune in leftovers (残り物には福がある), with this mindset, Lucky bags were invented.

When Lucky bags were first introduced, the contents were comprised of "leftover" products sold at a discounted price. Nowadays, Lucky bags can include both brand new or already existing products.

Each iroha Lucky Bag is filled with popular products that our fans love and a bonus something special.
Keep on reading to find out what is inside our Lucky Bags!


Luxury Lucky Bag

iroha Luxury Lucky Bag - 2023 Edition  Contains 4 goodies with a total value of over $146!

Check out what's inside our Luxury Lucky Bag here!



Lucky Bag

iroha Lucky Bag - 2023 Edition

 Contains 4 goodies with a total value of over $102.99!

Check out what's inside our Lucky Bag here!

What are the differences between the Lucky Bags?

The Luxury Lucky Bag features our high-end iroha series, which can be both inserted and use externally, which is great for experienced users who wants to self-pleasure more in the new year.

The Lucky Bag focuses on more beginner-friendly products that are easy to use, and are a great way for people to start their self-pleasure journey.


Why you should get iroha Lucky Bags:

We rarely have any special iroha bundles, so with our iroha Lucky Bags, will you be able to get a variety of popular iroha products at a discounted price.
Plus, we have included a special limited edition secret product that is not available for purchase.
All the products in the Lucky Bags are specially curated based on what our users love.

So don't miss the chance to get it!





Regarding Pre-Orders

We will be selling these special iroha Lucky Bags through pre-orders.

  • Each bag will be lovingly hand-packed and hand-tied with care.
  • All Lucky Bag orders will be processed after January 11th.
  • All Lucky Bag orders will start shipping after January 12th.
  • Any products ordered along with the Lucky Bags will be shipped together when ready.
  • If you'd like to receive the other items first, please place separate orders.
  • Once you purchase the Lucky Bag, you will receive an order confirmation email. When the product is ready to be shipped, you will receive your final shipping confirmation email.


Terms & Conditions

- The Lucky Bags will only be available for preorder from January 1st, 2023 - January 10th, 2023 23:59 PST.
- Lucky Bags cannot be purchased in combination with other promotion or discounts