4 Questions to Ask Before Buying Your First or Next iroha Item!


iroha Item

At iroha, we have over 20 different types of pleasure items for you to try, but we know it can be a bit daunting to read up on each one.
If you've got your sights on a particular item, that's awesome! We think all of our products are great, and we hope you enjoy your pick.
However, if you're not quite sure - don't worry; here are 4 questions to guide you in buying your first (or next!) iroha item!

    1. What Sort of Stimulation Do You Like?
    2. What is Your Budget?
    3. Where Do You Want to Use Your Toy?
    4. Do You Have a Color Preference?


1. What Sort of Stimulation Do You Like?

Be it smooth stimulation on your skin, to vibrations and insertable items, we have a number of sensations you can try.
Here are 4 categories of iroha products by stimulation-type:


 2. What is Your Budget?


3. Where Do You Want to Use Your Toy?

    • My room at home
      • If you've got a private space for yourself, all of our products could be a good fit. That said, you may have more opportunity to enjoy our stronger vibrating items! 
        iroha RIN+, iroha temari, iroha+iroha at home
    • I want to take it with me somewhere.
    • In the Bath
      • While all iroha items can be used in/around water, these two products in particular will make your bath time more intimate.
        iroha ukidama, iroha petitiroha petit

4. Do You Have a Color Preference?

We know preferences in color can vary, so for the items below we have a number of colors to choose from, while all offering the same great sensations.

These items come in the following colors:
iroha RIN - Red / Dark Yellow
iroha RIN+ - Pink / Light Green
iroha temari - Light Blue / Multiple Colors / Red
iroha ukidama - Yellow / Light Blue / Pink
iroha zen - Orange / Ligh Green / Pink
iroha mini - Purple & Yellow / Darker Pink & Pink / Orange & Sky Blue
iroha stick - coral x gray / lilac × black / light pink × white

iroha RIN color option

We hope this has been of some help in choosing an iroha item to try! Right now, you can get them on the iroha Store USA with a 10% discount code if you sign up to our Newsletter! Simple sign up and you will be sent a code you can use at checkout.

Coming soon, we will be sharing some content about a particular product or series every month, with unboxing videos as well as tips on how to clean and store the item.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch through the Contact Us in the menu or on our socials!