iroha Gifts For Every Type of Friend

There are few people who you know better than your friends. However, it can still be challenging to find them the right gift. One thing that we know for sure is, a sex toy can be a fantastic gift option that can genuinely be appreciated by your friends. With iroha’s multitude of options to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of gifts from our collection that we think would suit every kind of friend in your friend group.


For the Friend In Need of Rest and Relaxation

For the friend who is desperately in need of some “me” time. Get them one step closer to chilling out by giving them the gift of an iroha ukidama. Created with the idea that self-pleasure should be a part of everyone’s daily self-care routine, the iroha ukidama can be used as both a floating bath light and a vibrator. With its multifunctional design able to be used in daily life, the iroha ukidama really checks off all the boxes as a great present for your friend this holiday season.

For the Friend Who Can Party All Night

What better gift for a friend who is always up for a new experience than the iroha MINAMO and MIKAZUKI? The iroha MINAMO and iroha MIKAZUKI feature an adaptable shape able to be both inserted and used for external stimulation. Both also feature three different vibration strengths ranging from a slow, soft vibration to a fast, strong vibration, as well as a rhythmic pulsing option.

Your friend will appreciate the iroha’s unique Soft-Touch silicone, and if they are ready for something with a little extra stimulation, the slightly thicker and indented body of the iroha mikazuki would be the perfect fit.

For the Friend Always On Top of Everything

We all know this friend: calendar always packed, inbox always full, schedule mapped out into what seems to be the next century. For all of the type-A friends out there, the iroha stick is the way to go. The iroha stick is portable and discreet, a must for your ultra-busy, go-getter friend. With a design that looks like a lipstick, your friend can throw it in their bag when they are on the go. Despite the streamlined design, the iroha stick is also waterproof and features a dial control at the base to adjust vibrations from gentle to strong.

For the Sweetest Friend in Your Friend Group

A thoughtful gift for the friend who radiates serenity no matter the situation. Some might even say they’re an angel. What better toy to give them than the iroha Sakura with its pillowy-soft and silky smooth to the touch surface, and light pink color design modeled off of a cherry blossom, “sakura”, petal. What can be cuter than that? Your friend can treat themselves to the same kindness they give to others with this ultra delicate toy.

For the Future (or Current) CEO Friend

Our most powerful toy is the perfect match for, well, your most powerful friend. The iroha temari features a powerful motor housed in a case specially designed to reduce vibration transmission to the holder. Your friend will love the powerful motor and the fact that their hand won’t feel sore after using it. The iroha temari gets its unique design from intricately crafted Japanese temari, handcrafted balls originally given to children as a New Year’s gift. The beautiful design of the iroha temari is like a work of art, perhaps even worthy of sitting atop your friend’s desk.

For the Friend Ahead of All the Trends

For your hipster friend, it’s important to find a unique gift they haven’t heard about yet. With that in mind, we recommend the iroha mini. This palm-sized yet powerful toy features waterproof properties meaning it can always be by your friend’s side whether on-the go or relaxing in the bath at the end of a long day.

Your friend will appreciate the three distinct colors, especially the vibrant orange/blue SORA-MIKAN combination. With its classic shape, unique colors, and strong vibrations, the iroha mini is a low-key cool girl vibrator perfect to gift your hipster friend.

For the Free-Spirited, Hippie Friend

A little different than the other gift ideas mentioned, the iroha petit is composed of 98% water which can biodegrade in the trash. Unlike the other products mentioned above, the iroha petit is a non-vibrating toy with a different feel than your fingers or silicone.
This gentle toy can be warmed up in the bath or cooled down in the refrigerator, for a mellow experience in both the summer and tho winter. The iroha petit can also be used on other areas of the body, great for sensual touching alone or with a partner.

For the Friend Always Looking For a Reason to Travel


Whether backpacking or flying first class, this friend is always up for an adventure. For the friend who loves new experiences, we recommend giving them the gift of an iroha zen. The iroha zen features a travel friendly, portable body and battery powered design. It is made from Soft-Touch, waterproof silicone with rows of pleats for a unique sensation when in use.
Your friend can simply pack the iroha zen into their carry on before their next adventure.

For the Friend Destined for Instagram-Fame

This friend definitely does not have a social media addiction…at least that’s what they tell you. With their cell phone, and (perhaps) a ring light always by their side, this friend does not skimp on aesthetics, valuing products that not only look good but also feel good.

For the friend who is a connoisseur of all things instagrammable, we recommend any of the items from our iroha+ series. All created with the iroha brand's Soft-Touch Silicone, the TORI, KUSHI, and YORU feature three distinct, display-worthy designs so you can choose what you think your friend would like the most.

For the Friend Always Hitting the Gym

The friend that never skips leg day, and eats each meal with an extra side of protein needs a vibrator that is multitasking and powerful, just like they are. The ultra powerful iroha RIN+ is just the toy for them, featuring an extra squishy, flexible tip able to be used not just for external vibrations but for insertable sensations as well. The iroha RIN+ features a rechargeable design with 4 vibration strengths and 2 pulse patterns, so you can experience more powerful, varied sensations.

Looking for something a little more travel friendly? Try the iroha RIN. Unlike the rechargeable RIN+, the RIN features a battery powered design with 3 vibration strengths, 1 pulse pattern, and a running time of approximately 4 hours at its max strength.


With all of these options in mind, now is the perfect time to get ready for the iroha Black Friday Cyber Monday sale. To celebrate the one year anniversary of the iroha USA Store, iroha is offering a selection of great deals this Black Friday Cyber Monday. Take this chance to get ahead on gifts for your friends before the holiday season!