Top 10 iroha Items for 2024

Starting a new year means setting new resolutions and goals. iroha proposes a resolution that not only will you have an easy time maintaining, you might even have a hard time stopping. The goal is to maintain a self-care routine that includes self-pleasure. Yes, for 2024, why not make self-pleasure one of your New Year’s resolutions? To do so, iroha has 10 iroha items we recommend you check out for your 2024 resolution. Keep on reading to find out more. 


*Some reviews have been edited for clarity.


iroha+ TORI - #1 iroha Recommended for 2024

The number one recommended iroha item for 2024 is the iroha+ TORI!

Reasons You Should Get the iroha+ TORI:
The iroha+ TORI has always been a fan favorite. The beautiful and slightly-curved insertable tip allows the users to experience different sensations. With our infamous Soft-Touch Silicone, quiet yet powerful motor, and of course, our discreet yet elegant design, we had to recommend it to those who want to upgrade their self-care and self-pleasure routine.

Check out what fans have said about the iroha+ TORI:

"Made my purchase last year, it's a quality product that has held up, great texture (soft/supple) and vibrations, fits nicely in my hand, would buy again."

- S


"I absolutely love this magical little thing. The silicone is perfectly soft without compromising the intensity of the vibrations. It’s ergonomic and fits perfectly to hit all the right spots."

- L.G.


iroha stick Coral x Gray - Adorable & Discreet

iroha stick CORAL X GREYWho doesn’t want a self-pleasure item that looks like an adorable lipstick?

Reasons You Should Get the iroha stick Coral x Gray:
If you would love to get something chic and discreet, the iroha stick series is your best choice. The iroha stick series mimics the design of lipstick. But don’t be deceived by the simplicity of the iroha stick, as these amazing iroha items work amazingly well. Not only are they travel-friendly, but they are also extremely easy to use, being battery-operated with a dial to control the vibration strength. They are also a great option for those who are new to self-pleasure. Out of the three different shades, the Coral x Gray is our most popular one!

Check out what fans have said about the iroha stick Coral x Gray:

Amazing experience
"I used it by myself and along with my partner and the experience was amazing, the shape and vibration is really nice! Also it doesn't make much noise so you can concentrate in enjoying."

- N

"Best beginner vibe EVER, got it at urban outfitters online. NO REGRETS!!"

- H

iroha MINAMO - Waves of Pleasure

The elegant iroha MINAMO is another must-check out!

Reasons You Should Get the iroha MINAMO:
Do you know the story behind the iroha M&M? The iroha MIKAZUKI represents (and is Japanese for) the crescent moon, the iroha MINAMO is inspired by the reflection of the crescent moon in water with waves. The name MINAMO can be translated from Japanese as ‘the water’s surface’. The beautiful waves add extra plushness to the iroha MINAMO, which provides a gentle sensation, while still hitting the pleasurable spots. Just like our other luxurious iroha items, the iroha MINAMO has our iconic Soft-Touch Silicone and it comes with a storage case that doubles as a charging base.

Check out what fans have said about the iroha MINAMO:

Great design and build quality
"This vibrator has all the focus on the sensorial part, the silky material outside is very good when in touch with the skin with or without lube. The vibration modes are great, too, three intensities, and another three intermittent intensities (never liked in any dildo the intermittent ones much) and the waves under gives you textures to play with during usage. My favorite dildo so far."

- C

iroha petit PLUM - Unique Sensations to Start 2024

If you are looking for something unique to help with your New Year’s resolution, the iroha petit PLUM is a great buy!

Reasons You Should Get the iroha petit PLUM:
The iroha petit Series is a single-use iroha item. That being said, the iroha petit is something unique, as it has a supple texture made of agar which provides a brand new innovative sensation that is unlike any other iroha item. The rounded edge of the iroha petit PLUM provides a playful sensation, while the details in the center allow the users to experience a variety of pleasures. One bonus fact, the iroha petit Series can be used cold or warm, meaning you can put them in the fridge for the hot summer days, or warm them up in your palm or use them during a bath.


iroha+ KUSHI -  Elegant & Perfect on Your Night Stand

iroha+ KUSHIAnother fan favorite, the iroha+ KUSHI is truly a beautiful pleasure item that many of the fans love having on their bedside table.

Reasons You Should Get the iroha+ KUSHI:
The iroha+ KUSHI is the perfect example of beauty meets functionality. Where the ripples on the iroha+ KUSHI allows the users to experience waves of pleasure. The soft and thin tip allows the user to pinpoint the pleasure. Just like other iroha+ items, the KUSHI is waterproof and comes with a beautiful case that acts as a charger and as a storage case.

Check out what fans have said about the iroha+ KUSHI:

Mighty little toy
"I was skeptical about the shape but hopeful about the softness since I find most toys to be hard and covering them with silicone ultimately makes no difference.
I would improve upon the shape and softness, I find the tip to shape to be a bit awkward and hard to position for my liking but it delivers every single time!
It gives me the reliably the best orgasms of any toy I’ve ever used, the only drawback is because of the shape it takes me a while to find the right spot and rhythm."

- M

iroha mini UME-ANZU - Portable & Powerful

The iroha mini UME-ANZU is the best option for those of you who like to travel with something that packs a punch.

Reasons You Should Get the iroha mini UME-ANZU:
The simple iroha mini UME-ANZU is great for those who want something powerful but portable. The single ON/OFF button makes the iroha mini easy to use. The iroha mini is also a great option for those who are new to self-pleasure, as it comes with an affordable price point and is battery-operated.

Check out what fans have said about the iroha mini UME-ANZU:

More than pleased
"I was first introduced to these products 4 years ago in Japan and was very happy to find I could get them in the states. I'll always buy from TENGA. Great quality and very affordable. Discreet packaging and name is a huge plus."

- T

iroha SAKURA - The Japanese Touch

iroha SAKURAiroha often finds inspiration in Japanese elements, and the iroha SAKURA is a great example as it is designed after the petals of the Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Reasons You Should Get the iroha SAKURA:
The iroha SAKURA is encased in our Soft-Touch Silicone, providing a comforting and welcoming experience. The rounded side allows for a gentle caress, while the tips provide playful, pinching sensations. With the newly updated version, the iroha SAKURA now has more vibration patterns and is fully waterproof. On top of that, the simple one-button control makes it easier for users to switch between the different patterns.

Check out what fans have said about the iroha SAKURA:

Delightful and discreet
"When I first took the Sakura out of its packaging I was astonished by how soft it was! It feels like soft butter in your hands and along your body. The different levels of vibration will leave you breathless and satisfied. My partner enjoys using this on several different parts of my body and it is truly a wonderful experience."

- T

iroha zen MATCHA - Your New Favorite Matcha

iroha zen MATCHAIf you like MATCHA, the iroha zen MATCHA might be the one for you!

Reasons You Should Get the iroha zen MATCHA:
Looking for something that has the iroha’s Soft-Touch Silicone but still with an affordable price tag? The iroha zen series is a perfect choice. Within the iroha zen Series, the iroha zen MATCHA is the most popular one in a beautiful green color, reminiscent of green tea. The beginner-friendly designs make the iroha zen MATCHA something we recommend to start your self-pleasure journey with. For those that are worried about losing the charging cable, no need to worry about the iroha zen MATCHA, as it is battery operated.

Check out what fans have said about the iroha zen MATCHA:

Slow Burn
"The vibrations are quite low compared to most toys I have.. which is a nice change when I want to switch things up. If you’re into a slow buildup, the payoff is big :)"

- L

iroha RIN+ HISUI - Soft to the Touch

Awaken your inner pleasure this year with iroha RIN+ HISUI.

Reasons You Should Get the iroha RIN+ HISUI:
For those of you that are looking for something to upgrade to, the iroha rin+ HISUI is a great option. With the Soft-Touch Silicone tip, one can ease into insertable pleasure with minimal stress. The soft tip also allows you to easily directly apply where you want the pleasure. Compared to the original iroha RIN, the iroha RIN+ is not only more powerful, but it also has more vibration patterns. The iroha RIN+ Series currently comes in two beautiful shades, a soft and elegant green (HISUI) and a playful pink (SANGO).

Check out what fans have said about the iroha RIN+:

Easy to use, powerful, good feel and so cute!
"This was perfect for me! the design is very easy to hold and use. there are 4 vibration settings. none of the settings were too weak; 1-3 were more than enough for me, and 3-4 are very powerful. I love the soft tip design because it provides a smoother and softer vibration. it also makes it very comfortable to insert. the silicon is very plush and smooth. aesthetically, it is so adorable and makes the experience feel luxurious. lastly, it comes with a 1 year warranty. my order shipped 2 days after I placed it and arrived in 3 days. I am really impressed with the quality and hope to try more iroha products!"

- R

iroha YUKI - The Snowman for 2024

iroha YUKIBrighten your 2024 with the iroha YUKI, a snowman you’ll get to keep all year round.

Reasons You Should Get the iroha YUKI:
As one of the founding items for iroha, the iroha YUKI is a fan favorite. The semi-insertable tip allows you to experiment on your self-pleasure journey, and is a great way to achieve your 2024 New Year’s resolutions of improving your self-care routine. The anti-dust coating allows the users to easily clean the iroha YUKI.

Check out what fans have said about the iroha YUKI:

"What a genuinely brilliant product! I am yet to find any negative feature of this, my wife hasn’t either!
Before receiving this I was dubious about the shape and therefore the practicality of using it, but it’s literally the perfect size and shape. It’s been designed to offer a greater coverage than something like a bullet so whatever you do, it hits the spot!
It’s soft and smooth and feels excellent quality. It’s much much quieter than other toys on the market. The battery is still going on its first charge having been used 3 times. It cleans perfectly with any regular toy suitable cleaner.
Really couldn’t recommend this enough. Give it a try, I guarantee you it will surprise you and it won’t fail to make a good night!!"

- S

"This is hands down the BEST vibrator I've ever owned. I love it, the battery lasts long, it's quiet, and its small enough to use in many different positions with your partner. ☃️🩵🫰🏼 "

- A


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