How to Use the iroha SVR

Looking for the perfect pleasure item for both you and your partner? Well, you should definitely check out the iroha SVR (Smart Vibe Ring). The iroha SVR is a partnered-use pleasure item that can also be used during solo play. You must be wondering how does that work? Keep on reading to find out more about the iroha SVR and specifically how to use the iroha SVR, both for partnered and solo play!


What is the iroha Smart Vibe Ring?

iroha SVR Series by the sinkBefore jumping into the good parts, let’s learn more about the iroha Smart Vibe Ring.

In 2023, iroha released the iroha Smart Vibe Ring, also known as the SVR, globally. We took the popular TENGA SVR, a vibrating ring that can be used with your partner or by yourself, and put some iroha flare into it by creating 2 exclusive rhythmic vibration patterns and more.
iroha SVR's one button control and vibration mode chartThe small and compact design makes it easy to bring the iroha SVR wherever you go. But don’t worry, the portability does not hinder its power, as the iroha SVR contains 5 different vibration strengths and 2 rhythmic modes. You can easily cycle through all 7 modes with our simple one-button control. Switching on and off is also a simple 3-second press.

Its waterproof nature allows users to easily clean or use it in the bath if preferred. It also comes with a storage pouch that can fit both the iroha SVR and the charging cable. No more losing the charging cable, as they can all be stored in one place.

The iroha SVR is currently available in two colors: Coral Pink and Very Peri

How to Use the iroha SVR: Partnered 

iroha SVR Coral Pink placed on a shaftThe iroha SVR was created with partnered play in mind, hoping to create deeper connections between partners. The idea is to enhance partnered intimacy with a stretchable ring that can fit on most wearers, with a long vibrating tip that can reach the desired areas. 

So here is how to use the iroha SVR for partnered pleasure:
  1. Attach the iroha SVR to the base of the shaft. If you so wish, please use it with water-based lubricant only.
  2. Press the flower button for at least 2 seconds to switch on the device.
  3. A single press once it is on will cycle through the different vibration modes.
  4. Enjoy! Play around with the intensity of the vibration strength, or try out the exclusive iroha rhythm patterns.
  5. Press the flower button for at least 2 seconds to switch off the device.
  6. Run the device under cold or tepid water and use pH-neutral soap to clean.
  7. Pat dry with a towel and store away in the storage pouch or charge it! Please make sure to avoid getting the charging cable.

iroha SVR Very Peri with Storage PouchOne important thing to remember when using the iroha SVR with your partner is to make sure you are communicating about their needs and what you would like to do. The goal of the iroha SVR is to enhance this intimate moment between you and your partner, so it is very important that everyone is feeling good. Now that you know how to enjoy the iroha SVR with your partner, let’s take a look at how you use it for your own self-pleasure session.

How to Use the iroha SVR: Solo

iroha SVR Coral Pink worn like a ringThe iroha SVR is a very versatile product that can be used in many ways. While it is an item intended for coupled play, the special design allows the iroha SVR to be used for solo pleasure too. 

How to use the iroha SVR solo:

  1. Attach the iroha SVR to your fingers like a ring. You can play around with the way to hold the iroha SVR. If you so wish, you can use it with water-based lubricant.
  2. Use it like a vibrator! You can easily stimulate the clitoris and other erogenous zones like other external vibrators.
  3. Similar to the usage for partnered use, press the flower button for at least 2 seconds to switch on and off. A single press when it is on will cycle through the different vibration modes.
  4. Once you are done using it, it is recommended to wash it. It is always recommended to clean your iroha item as soon as possible after use. Properly cleaning the iroha can help maintain and prolong the lifespan of your iroha item.

iroha SVR Coral Pink being cleansedThe iroha SVR can run on full power for 60 minutes. So, take your time and enjoy yourself. Take this time to show yourself some love! Fun fact; through self-pleasure, you can learn more about yourself and thus, allow you to communicate better with your partner about your pleasure areas, and so on.

Why You Should Check It Out!

iroha SVR Series on a bedHere we have gone over just two general ways you can use your iroha SVR. Depending on your preferences, you should play around and test out different angles and directions when using the iroha SVR on your partner and yourself. Another important thing is to let yourself enjoy the moment. 


So, now that you know how to use the iroha SVR. What are you still waiting for? 
Get the iroha SVR now and get ready for a Valentine’s filled with good vibes!

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