Discover the Different Types of Orgasms to Expand Your Sexual Wellness

It’s Orgasm Week, a week dedicated to learning more about orgasms in general. iroha hopes to take this chance to help normalize the conversation surrounding orgasms. Last year, we touched upon a variety of topics within the larger topic of orgasms, including the orgasm gap, the benefits of orgasms, and of course, the types of orgasms. This year, we would like to focus on the different types of orgasms there are. Hoping to help more people understand the different types, and to maybe even discover and experience them.

Keep on reading to discover the different types of orgasms.


There are Different Types of Orgasm

Photo by Milan Popvic

The orgasm is a very complex phenomenon and there are still a lot of unknowns, however, one of the things we do know is that there are many different types of orgasms. While some of you might be familiar with a few of them, there are also a few you may not have been aware of.


Depending on who you talk to, some might say there are 10, while for many there are 4 main types of orgasms. In this blog, we are going to focus on the 4 big ones that are mostly related to self-pleasure and sexual wellness. They are Clitoral, Vaginal, Anal, and last but not least, Erogenous Zone orgasms.

Clitoral Orgasm

Clitoral Orgasm

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The clitoral orgasm is one of the most common types of orgasm. From the name, it is quite straightforward that this type of orgasm is achieved through stimulation of the clitoris. The clitoris is a very sensitive organ that is located on top of the vaginal opening and only the tip is exposed while the rest is internal. The clitoris has thousands of nerves located at the tip and it can be said, the sole purpose of the clitoris is to provide pleasure. In fact, according to research around 81.6% of women aren’t able to achieve orgasm without clitoral stimulation. Not only is clitoral stimulation a great place to start exploring if you are not sure if you have experienced orgasms before, but they are also great when combined with other stimulations. 

There are many ways you can stimulate the clitoris, it can be done with gentle strokes and rubbing with your fingers, a tongue, or even a pleasure product. You can slowly increase the speed or the power of stimulation as you try to achieve orgasm. 

Please keep in mind, everyone’s body is different, so how you achieve a clitoral orgasm might be a little bit different from someone else, the important thing is that you are enjoying it. By understanding your body and what helps achieve clitoral orgasms through self-pleasure and self-exploration, you can communicate this to your partner to improve both of your sexual wellness. 

So, what about G-spot orgasms? 

Well, there seem to be some debates on whether the G-spot is part of the internal part of the clitoris or a separate organ. However, you can also stimulate the clitoris internally, through vaginal or anal pressure which can lead to an orgasm. 

Vaginal Orgasm

Vaginal Orgasm

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The vaginal orgasm is usually achieved through vaginal penetration, without the intention of also stimulating the clitoris or the G-spot. The vagina itself has a few erogenous zones that can help achieve orgasm, some are said to be located near the cervix

If you are curious about the vaginal orgasm, here are some ways where you can explore it. Inserting a finger, or an insertable pleasure product into your vaginal canal when you are aroused and/or well lubricated. Play around with the finger and pleasure products by angling them in different directions and also do it in different body positions. For some angling the penetration towards the hips at the lower part of the vaginal canal works, while others suggest positioning the penetration towards the belly button. 

That being said, many people have never experienced a vaginal orgasm before, according to a study in 2018, around 18.4% of 1000+ women have stated that vaginal sex alone is not enough for them. So, try it out for yourself, even if you can't, that is completely fine, there are other ways to enjoy pleasure. 

    Anal Orgasm

    The anal orgasm, while being very different from vaginal orgasm, does share a lot of common points. It is often achieved through penetration and during the penetration, one can stimulate some sensitive areas such as the prostate, pelvic muscles, and even the internal parts of the clitoris thus leading to orgasm. 

    For anal orgasm, it is very important to use lubricants and a lot of it. Unlike the vagina, the anal canal does not self-lubricate and the walls are extremely delicate, with lube, you can help make the whole process feel a lot more comfortable. It is recommended to start small, penetrate slowly, and then once you are accustomed to it, speed up and possibly play with the angles too.


    Erogenous Zones Orgasm

    Erogenous Orgasm - self-pleasure

    Photo by Kateryna Hliznitsova

    Last but definitely not least, we have the erogenous zones orgasm. Unlike the previously mentioned ones, erogenous zones stimulations can be very personal. For many people breast or nipple stimulations can lead to orgasms. While for some people a few intimate caresses and kisses on certain body parts can lead to orgasm. Since there is not as much research done on these erogenous zones orgasms, it is hard to define them. As mentioned earlier, orgasms are very personal and differ from person to person, so sometimes some erogenous zones work for some people, while for others the clitoral orgasm is their go-to.

    That being said, you are always welcome to explore your body. Get into the mood, and just touching yourself would never hurt, a good self-pleasure session can help you learn more about yourself and your pleasure points, leading to better sexual wellness overall.



    While there are other ways to achieve orgasms, the ones mentioned above are more directly related to self-pleasure and overall sexual wellness. Through self-pleasure and good communication with your partner, you can explore all of the types of orgasms mentioned above, and who knows, you might discover your very own erogenous zone that helps you achieve orgasm. 

    As part of our Orgasm Week campaign, check out our social media accounts to learn more about the different types of orgasms and what are some iroha products that can help you explore or even achieve these orgasms. In addition, we will hold a few AMA sessions, where you are welcome to ask us any questions regarding orgasms or overall sexual wellness anonymously.