5 Self-Care Gifts You Should Get for Yourself This Holiday

The holiday season is getting closer! Now is the time for many to start preparing gifts for friends and family which can be a stressful time for many. As important as it is to prepare the perfect gift for your friends and family, it is also just as important to prepare something for yourself. You deserve all the love and care that you provide to your friends and family. That’s why in this blog, we are going to share 5 self-care gifts that you should get for yourself this holiday season. Keep on reading to find out!


The Self-Care Gifts of Pleasure

Want to destress? Want to achieve beautiful glowing skin? Interested in a self-esteem boost? Well, there is a self-care gift that checks all of these boxes and more; self-pleasure! Self-pleasure has many benefits such as helping you destress, making you feel good, boosting self-esteem, and creating the perfect glowing skin. Self-pleasure is truly the gift that keeps giving. So, why not take advantage of the holiday season and give yourself this amazing self-care gift that just keeps on giving?

For those of you who are curious but not sure where to start, here are some of our recommendations:

iroha stick - Discreet & Adorable

iroha stick held by model

If you are new to self-pleasure or just want something discreet, the iroha stick is the perfect choice. You can easily store it with your favorite lip products, or leave it out and nobody would notice. It is easy to use and battery-operated, so no need to worry about losing the charging cable. It is also a great self-care gift that you can bring with you on vacations. With three beautiful colors to choose from, check out the iroha stick Series here!

iroha mai - The Self-Care Gift that Hits the Spot

self-care gift: iroha mai on bed side table

Want something unique? The iroha mai is our most recent release and it is special. The iroha mai is a pleasure item that is designed to target the G-spot. To truly give the user a new pleasure experience, the iroha mai features our special HapticWAVE™ Technology, converting sound waves into vibrations. This allows users to experience 3-dimensional and dynamic sensations when using and discovering pleasure that resonates with them. So while you are enjoying the iroha mai, don’t forget you are also reaping other benefits, such as relieving stress, inducing your body for a good night's sleep, and just overall relaxation. Learn more about the iroha mai here!

iroha+ - Aesthetically Pleasing & Powerful

iroha+ TORI being on display

One thing iroha prides itself on is its beautiful product designs. At iroha, we want to make more people feel comfortable with their sexuality, and one way to do so is to create products that are aesthetically pleasing so that people can proudly put them on display. The iroha+ Series is a great self-care gift that is both beautiful to look at and functional. Check out the iroha+ here!

iroha temari - Doubles as a Massager

iroha temari as massager

The iroha temari can be more than just a pleasure item, it can also double as a massager for your stiff shoulders. The iroha temari features our strongest motor yet, and it has a specially designed body that reduces the vibration transmission to your hand. So say goodbye to numb hands from using your vibrator. Another reason why the iroha temari is a great self-care gift is that it doubles as a massager. Due to the design, you can easily pinpoint where you want the vibration. Who doesn’t love a multi-use item? Shop the collection here!


Gifts for Skin Care Lovers

Woman putting on face mask

Need to update your Sunday Self-Care Routine? Take this chance and revise some of your skincare steps to adapt to changes in the weather and refresh your self-care routine. One way to step up your skincare routine while enjoying some self-care time is to put on a face mask. Whether it is a sheet mask or a rinse-off face mask, the aim is to relax and enjoy a few minutes all to yourself and let the mask do its job. While you are using your face mask, you could meditate, read a book, jot down some thoughts in your journal, or simply enjoy a cup of your preferred warm beverage. Not only will you end up feeling better, but your skin will also be very happy with the extra love from the face mask.

The Perfect Gift to Stay Cozy

Self-care gift: blanket

For many people, during the colder months, the urge to stay under your blanket can be strong. So why not get yourself a weighted blanket? Not only will you be all warm and cozy, a weighted blanket has many self-care benefits. The pressure can help some people relieve anxious feelings, feel more comfortable and secure, and even help ease stress. Also, who doesn’t want to feel like they are being embraced by a soft and comfy blanket at all times?


Self-Care Gift for a Relaxing Environment

A variety of aromatic candles

Looking for ways to create an environment perfect for relaxation? Aromas and scents can often help one relax or overall feel better. Simply lighting a candle or adding some essential oils into your diffuser and filling the space you are in with some relaxing scent (or your favorite scent) can make all the difference. There are many scents that are great for relaxation such as lavender, cedar, neroli, and bergamot. Why not treat yourself to some relaxing candles or essential oils?

Gifts for a Relaxing Afternoon

A relaxing afternoon with a warm beverage

Sometimes self-care can be as simple as treating yourself to a nice, hot beverage, such as tea or coffee. Taking 5 minutes to just enjoy a nice drink can help one feel more refreshed and relaxed. There are many amazing sets of tea or coffee that allow you to try different flavors. Depending on the beverage you choose, there might be additional benefits. For example, chamomile can help improve your sleep quality, peppermint is said to be beneficial to our digestive system, and ginger tea can warm you up and also reduce nausea.

Why you Should Get Yourself a Self-Care Gift

This list of self-care gifts can be a perfect list for gifts for your loved ones, and just like them, you deserve something nice as well. A self-care gift could be exactly what you need to help you enjoy your holiday season and the new year even more.

As we celebrate the holiday season, don’t forget to perform some self-care activities for yourself. By getting yourself a self-care gift, you are showing yourself the love you deserve. If you are looking for other ways you can help yourself this winter, check out our Winter Self-Care: Show Yourself Some Extra Love blog.