Enhance your sex drive: Try this Japanese recipe to naturally boost your libido!

We believe that having a fulfilling sex life is something that everyone should be able to enjoy if they want to.
This can of course be through direct means, like self- or partnered pleasure, but there may be links between hormone balance, which can be affected by food!

In this article, we interviewed Mayunam - a chef and director of the popular "Eros Food Research Institute" here in Japan!
She taught us some simple recipes she developed with healthy whole foods that can help combat stress, provide energy, and possibly rejuvenate your sexual appetite through their positive impact on hormone balance!



About the Eros Food Research Institute

The Eros Food Research Institute researches various nutrients, ingredients and meals that may affect Sexual Wellness under the term "Eros Food", and develops a multitude of recipes based on their findings.

Ingredients that Benefit the Female Body

During our talk with Mayunam she introduced us to a variety of ingredients (some easy to find, some that you can find in your local Asian grocery store) that are great for a number of health benefits. Here we'll take a look at each one and how they affect the body, and after that, we'll introduce two recipes using these ingredients that you can try!



Chicken Breast

・Rich in amino acids such as tryptophan, a ‘happiness hormone’ which helps with good sleep.
・Glycine: An amino acid that is essential for good sleep. It can also help in the production of the male hormone testosterone. This can also boost libido, as also seen during the day before ovulation where females secrete more testosterone.
・Arginine: An amino acid that is expected to work to stimulate the secretion of growth hormones, strengthen muscles, and boost immunity. It can help in dilating blood vessels controlling blood flow, improving metabolism!

Okara (Soy Pulp)

・Rich in nutrients such as dietary fiber, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B2.
・Isoflavones: These act like the female hormone estrogen, which is a "skin-beautifying hormone," and supports youthful skin development.

Crown Daisy

・It has an antioxidant effect, it protects the body from "active oxygen" that causes aging and can be expected to prevent fatigue and general body odors.


・Contains one of the B vitamins called pantothenic acid, which promotes the action of corticosteroids that relieve stress and reduce stress. Jujubes have been known as healthy and good for beauty.

Curry Powder

・Contains turmeric, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, pepper, magic powder with various spices enhances the work of the digestive system and reduces the risk of visceral fatigue. When the internal organs get tired, the body uses energy to repair it, so power yourself by adding some curry powder to your food!


Try Out These Recipes!
If you can't find all the ingredients above, you can substitute a few things here and there and add your own flavorings. That said, we've tried them ourselves and these taste great so if you can find the right ingredients, we definitely recommend you try them out!

Recipe 1: Okara Soy Nuggets

2 to 3 servings

・ 100g / 3.5oz of Okara (Soy Pulp)
・ 200g / 7oz of minced chicken
・ 1 clove of grated garlic and ginger
・ 1 egg
・ 5 tablespoons of potato starch
・ 1/2 teaspoon of salt
・ 1 pinch of pepper
・ 1/2 teaspoon of soy sauce
・ 5 to 7 cups of oil to deep fry most items (at least 1cm / 4 inches)

① Put all ingredients except oil in a clean plastic bag.
② Knead well so that the ingredients are evenly mixed.

③ Roll ② into bite-sized pieces by hand.
④ Put 1 cm to 1.5 cm (4 to 6 inches) of oil in a frying pan and heat on medium heat.
⑤ Test oil heat with chopsticks; when foam appears from the chopsticks it's ready to add ③ to the pan. Fry until golden brown!

Cooking tips
・ Tube-type garlic and ginger are OK! However, jarred ginger has a weak scent, so add 1.5 times the amount from the recipe.
・ When it gets cold, the flavor will decrease, so try to eat it freshly fried.
・It's also delicious to dip ketchup or curry salt.


Recipe 2: Crown Daisy and Jujube Salad

2 to 3 servings

・ 1 bag (200g / 7oz) of Crown Daisy (If you have trouble finding this ingredient you can also use Spinach!)
・ Approx 30g / 1oz Jujube chips
・ Walnuts (as much as you want)
・ Almonds (as much as you want)
・ Grated Cheese (as much as you want)

Dressing Ingredients
・ 2 tbsp of Olive oil
・ 1 tbsp of White wine vinegar
・ 1/2 teaspoon of Salt
・ 1/2 teaspoon of Sugar
・ Black pepper (as much as you want)
・ A pinch of Curry powder

① Wash the Crown Daisy, drain it well, and cut it into 4 equal parts.
② Crush the nuts roughly in a mortar. If you don't have a mortar, you can break it with a knife or hand.

③ Put the dressing ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
④ Dress the Crown Daisy and mix well, then mix the crushed nuts and jujube and serve on a plate. Sprinkle with grated cheese if you like and you're done!

Cooking tips
・ Adding nuts will raise the level of nutrition and will add texture to the salad.
・ Jujube chips absorb water quite quickly, so add them last.
・ By adding curry powder to the dressing, you'll have a deep, rich aroma to enjoy too!


A Message from Mayunam!

Lastly, here's a message from the Chef Mayunam.


"It's the food we eat that makes our hearts and bodies.
It's very important to have the right balance of hormones, and to know the rhythm of your body, in order to live a healthy, comfortable life, maintain beauty, and enjoy intimate moments.

If you haven't been feeling your best, it might be a signal to take look at the food you eat.
In such a case, I hope our Eros Food can bring more options into your life, for fun, healthy, and tasty dietary choices! - Mayunam"

If you're interested in seeing more of Mayunam's recipes, be sure to follow her Twitter and Instagram!
Instagram: @mayunam
Twitter: @mayunam