iroha Lucky Bag - 2024 Edition

Start the new year with pleasure and good fortune!

Discover a world of pleasure and good vibes with the iroha Lucky Bag: 2024 Edition!

Due to popular demand in 2023, we decided to bring back the iroha Lucky Bag. Choose between the opulent Luxury Lucky Bag and the charming Lucky Bag.

Carefully selected for an extraordinary experience, the iroha Lucky Bag features a selection of our top selling products. That's not all, we also added brand-new exclusive iroha goods.

Don't miss your chance to get iroha's bag of pleasure and good fortune!

Both Lucky Bags have limited stocks and are exclusively available for pre-order from January 1st to January 10th, 2024.


As part of iroha's mission, we hope to create an environment where more people take care of themselves through self-pleasure.

With the iroha Lucky Bag, the goal is to encourage more people to take some time in the new year to look after themselves through self-pleasure and other self-care activities. Thus, we took our time to select the best iroha items that will allow the users to experience for a variety of pleasure.


What is Fukubukuro (Lucky Bag)?

For those of you who don't know what a Lucky Bag or Fukubukuro is, here is a quick explanation:

During the new year period, many Japanese brands would come up with their own Fukubukuro or Lucky Bag.
Fukubukuro in Japanese (福袋) combines two Kanji; Fuku (福) meaning good fortune and Bukuro (袋) which means bag.

The fukubukuro is based on a Japanese saying that there is good fortune in leftovers (残り物には福がある).
Thus, in the beginning, companies would create bags of ""leftover"" products and sell them at a discounted price.
Nowadays, the contents of the fukubukuro or lucky bags can vary company to company. Some would introduce brand new items, while others will have a mix of already existing and new products.

At iroha, we decided to do a mix, we created two special bags with popular and well-loved products along with some not-for-sale exclusive iroha goodies.

Keep on reading to find out more!


iroha Luxury Lucky Bag

iroha Luxury Lucky Bag Product Photo  Contains 4 goodies with a total value of over $192 for $120!

Check out the Luxury Lucky Bag here! 



iroha Lucky Bag

iroha Lucky Bag - 2024 Edition

Contains 4 goodies with a total value of over $91 for $60!

Check out the Lucky Bag here!

Why You Should Get iroha Lucky Bags:

The iroha items that are selected in the two iroha Lucky Bags are all carefully chosen for our users.

We specially curated these limited edition Lucky Bags in the hope of letting our users and fans get the most out of the bundle.
On top of that, due to the limited stocks, we were able to provide a higher discount than usual.

Last but not least, we include iroha items that are not available for purchase.
This special limited edition merch will only be available through pre-ordering our iroha Lucky Bags. 



What are the differences between the two iroha Lucky Bags?

While both iroha Lucky Bags are great options, there are a few differences that you should definitely take into consideration when choosing.

The iroha Luxury Lucky Bag features our high-end iroha items. We specially choose two high-end iroha items that allow the users to experience a variety of pleasure.
On top of that, we have included a special iroha goodie that has not yet been released.

The iroha Lucky Bag focuses on more easy-to-use items that are great for people who want to try out something new. In addition, this year we included a few items that are great for partnered play. 



Regarding Pre-Orders

We will be selling these special iroha Lucky Bags through pre-orders.

  • Each bag will be lovingly hand-packed and hand-tied with care.
  • All iroha Lucky Bag orders will be processed after January 11th.
  • All iroha Lucky Bag orders will start shipping after January 12th.
  • Any products ordered along with the iroha Lucky Bags will be shipped together when ready.
  • If you'd like to receive the other items first, please place separate orders.
  • Once you purchase the iroha Lucky Bag, you will receive an order confirmation email. When the product is ready to be shipped, you will receive your final shipping confirmation email.


Terms & Conditions

- The iroha Lucky Bags will only be available for preorder from January 1st, 2024 - January 10th, 2024 23:59 PST.
- Lucky Bags cannot be purchased in combination with other promotion or discounts