Let’s Celebrate Masturbation May!

It is May and we are very excited to get ready to celebrate International Masturbation Month! At iroha, we take Masturbation May seriously and we hope to help more women explore their sexuality and achieve a society where people can enjoy their sexuality in their own way. Of course, this May, we hope to have you join us in celebrating and masturbating better. 

If you don’t know what Masturbation May is, find out more about it in this article and how you can participate. 


What is Masturbation May?

Masturbation May is quite a big deal for us as it celebrates self-pleasure and sexuality, which is something we hope to normalize for all. 

So what is Masturbation May? The International Masturbation Month, or as we like to call it, Masturbation May, started out as a single day. It was to honor Dr. Joycelyn Elders, the Surgeon General of the United States, who was fired in 1994 for suggesting to include masturbation in sex education for students. Including masturbation in the curriculum could help normalize masturbation and help reduce the spread of AIDS. However, her comments and progressive ideals led her to be forced to resign. 

On May 7th, 1995, Good Vibrations declared the day to be National Masturbation Day to honor Dr. Joycelyn. Since then, the celebration of masturbation has expanded to the entire month of May. Nowadays, Masturbation May is more than just masturbation; it is about learning, exploring, and normalizing masturbation in our society. 

Benefits of Masturbation 

There are many benefits to masturbating and Masturbation May is the best time to explore them. 

Here are a few perks of masturbation you should take advantage of during Masturbation May. 


1. Masturbation can help you de-stress and relax! 

According to our Self-Pleasure Report, 75% of U.S. adults (18-51) agree that masturbation helps them manage stress. When you masturbate, your body releases a combination of hormones. One of the hormones is oxytocin, which is known for its anti-stress properties, and also helps lower the cortisol levels in your body. Cortisol is one of the main stress-causing hormones. Find out more about masturbation and de-stressing here!


2. Masturbation produces Feel-Good Hormones. 

As mentioned above, a combination of hormones is released during and after masturbation. This concoction of the hormones is also known as the feel-good hormones. This includes dopamines, oxytocin, prolactin, serotonin, and endorphins. Each of these hormones has different benefits to the body, and they all help you relax and feel good. Learn more about each of these feel-good hormones here


3. Masturbating can help you get a good night's sleep. 

The feel-good hormones have properties that help you relax, thus, can help you fall asleep easier. On top of that, you will be in a better mood and less stressed, which contributes to a good night’s sleep. Learn more about why you should masturbate before you sleep here


4. Self-pleasure helps you gain confidence and improve self-esteem.

It should be no surprise that masturbating can help you feel better about your body image and confidence. On top of that, masturbation can lead to boosted self-esteem. A study in 2015 found that women who masturbated regularly had higher self-esteem in comparison to those that didn’t. 


5. Masturbation helps improve your relationship with your partner.

Even if you are in a relationship, masturbation is perfectly normal. In fact, masturbating in a relationship can lead to more communication between you and your partner. Understanding your erogenous regions and communicating them to your partner can create better sexual experiences. Read more about masturbating during a relationship here


6. Self-pleasuring can lead to glowing skin!

It is true; masturbation can help create that glowy skin. Due to increased heart rate and blood circulation, your skin can have this glowing effect. In addition, according to one research, it is said that a majority of women have reported that regular masturbation has led to an overall improvement in skin condition. Find out all the skin benefits of masturbation here

How to Participate in Masturbation May

Now that you know about Masturbation May, as well as all the benefits of masturbation, it is time to take a look at how you can also participate in Masturbation May! 


Learn more about masturbation!

There are so many amazing articles and blogs about masturbation that you can check out about self-pleasure. In fact, we have our own LOVE ME TENGA blog, where we share all kinds of information about masturbation and our items too. 


Start a conversation!

The best way to normalize the topic of masturbation is to talk about it. Talk about it with your friends, share your thoughts online, join discussions, and so on. Masturbation is normal and it is something that many of us enjoy, so why not talk about it more? 


Enjoy Some Self-Pleasure Time~

Since it is the month dedicated to masturbation, it is the perfect time to enjoy it. Set aside some self-pleasure time and indulge yourself with the toy you have been wanting. In the end, whether you use a toy or not, the important thing is to enjoy yourself and feel good. 

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