10 Years of Pleasure: Looking Back at the iroha Series

March 3rd marks the 10th anniversary of iroha. We thought that this anniversary is a great time to reflect on what makes iroha, well, iroha. With this in mind, we thought that there was no better way of exploring the origins behind the iroha brand than delving into iroha’s first collection of vibrators, the iroha Series.


The iroha Mission

iroha was created on March 3rd of 2013 to help more women in Japan enjoy self-pleasure with confidence and comfort, as a reaction to the environment surrounding female sexuality in Japan. In Japan, female sexuality still tends to be a seldom discussed social taboo.
iroha was created as a brand to support women to explore and understand their sexuality while still keeping an often desired level of discretion.

The iroha team continues to be committed to creating an environment where women can feel comfortable expressing their sexuality. This commitment can be seen in the design of each and every product in the iroha lineup. Each iroha product is designed to allow the user to feel comfortable, with designs that are not lewd or offensive, and are inspired by elements of Japanese culture. iroha products are easy to use for both beginners and those more familiar with self-pleasure products alike.

The iroha Series

The iroha Series is one of iroha’s most popular collections of vibrators. The collection features self-pleasure products made from iroha’s beloved Soft-Touch material that is both anti-dust and water-resistant, for a vibrator that is both durable and easy to maintain.
The intuitive and simple button controls on each item in the collection allows users to control each of the four adjustable vibration modes seamlessly.

Each item in the iroha Series also comes with a unique charging base allowing the user to simply place the item atop the base to charge instantly. Thanks to the design focused aspect of each product, many people like to display their iroha items atop the charging base when not in use.

The development of the first iroha series began in 2010. At that time, the Japanese adult toy market was dominated by products made from the male perspective. Overseas, most vibrators were marketed with the purpose of achieving orgasm as efficiently as possible. iroha saw that there was a lack of self-pleasure items designed from a female perspective, that was accessible for those beginning their self-pleasure journey. When creating the first iroha items, members of the iroha team, including those who were not experienced using self-pleasure items, brainstormed what their ideal self-pleasure item would look like.

The team decided to make items that took inspiration from Japanese culture and were made from Soft-Touch silicone that would feel almost like an extension of the user's fingers.
From the design of the product, ease of package disposal, to the feel of the soft silicone, iroha’s products aim to provide great pleasure, as well as offer a new experience of exploration with a pleasure item for both newcomers and those more experienced with self-pleasure products alike.

Now that the basics are covered, let’s take a closer look at each of the products in the iroha Series.

iroha YUKI

The iroha YUKI, or iroha YUKIDARUMA in Japanese, gets its interesting design from the shape of a snowman. In fact, yukidaruma even means snowman in Japanese.
The similarities between the iroha YUKI and a snowman don't end there, as the iroha YUKI is made from iroha’s Soft-Touch material, with a texture reminiscent of soft, fluffy snow.

The iroha YUKI is a versatile vibrator featuring a semi-insertable tip which can be used for internal and external stimulation. Overall, the YUKI's unique shape makes it easy to use, and its Soft-Touch material ensures a comfortable experience for a variety of users.

iroha SAKURA

The iroha SAKURA, or iroha HINAZAKURA in Japanese, is inspired by the shape of a Japanese cherry blossom petal. The SAKURA allows you to pinch and please a variety of erogenous zones thanks to its indented tip, making it ideal for external pleasure. The SAKURA's unique design and soft material make it easy to use and comfortable to hold, perfect for anyone who enjoys external pleasure on multiple areas of the body.

iroha MIDORI

Last but not least, the iroha MIDORI is a rounded green vibrator which can be used to caress all over. The iroha MIDORI is called the iroha HANAMIDORI in Japanese, which translates to green flower. Made with external stimulation in mind, the MIDORI features a rounded base and a slightly thinner rounded tip to enjoy pin-pointed sensations. Like all items in the iroha Series, the MIDORI is made from iroha’s special Soft-Touch silicone and features adjustable vibration modes for a truly customizable experience.


As iroha celebrates our 10th anniversary, we feel it is important to look back at our mission, as well as some of the original products in the iroha lineup.

iroha's mission is to redefine self-pleasure. We believe that sexuality and self-pleasure are things that people should be able to enjoy naturally, just like other human joys. Self-pleasure is a form of self-care that allows you to get to know your body and what it likes. Each iroha product is designed to allow the user to feel comfortable owning it by creating products with a unique, thoughtful design aesthetic and purpose.

iroha has been continuously expanding its mission, creating new self-pleasure products, and helping to bring more light to the topic of self-pleasure. In Japan, iroha has been one of the leading sources of highlighting the subject of self-pleasure, striving to create an environment where women can speak freely about masturbation. As iroha looks back at our 10 years as a company, we will continue to create products made for an even wider array of people to discover and enjoy their self-pleasure. We hope that this deeper dive into the iroha Series has helped you to gain a deeper understanding of iroha as a whole.

As iroha continues to redefine self-pleasure, we hope to improve the landscape of self-pleasure in Japan and beyond.