How To Clean and Take Care of Your iroha Products


Now that we are officially in Spring, it is the perfect time for some spring cleaning! By properly cleaning and caring for your iroha, it can help make the iroha item last longer. So in this blog, we are going to give you a general guideline on how to clean and care for your iroha products!


Why You Should Clean Your iroha Regularly

Hand with soap and bubbles

Just like anything else, it is important to clean your iroha products, or any self-pleasure items, on a regular basis. By cleaning self-pleasure products properly, not only are you extending the longevity of the item, but you are also doing yourself a favor. Unclean self-pleasure items can be a host for unwanted bacteria and other pathogens. 


When using unclean items, you are possibly introducing bacteria to your very sensitive and delicate intimate areas. This can then possibly lead to bacterial vaginosis or even urinary tract infection (UTI), and if you use your toys with multiple partners, it increases the chance of introducing STIs to one another. For a general hygiene rule, it is always good to clean your sex toys on a regular basis to avoid any unwanted infections. 

How to Properly Clean iroha Items

iroha MIDORI with soap on it

Every brand has different ways to properly clean their products, and in this section, we are going to give you a rundown on how to clean your iroha items according to what type of product they are. One important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that all residue is washed off after use. When there is residue left over, it can increase the chance of bacterial growth, which is not something we want on our self-pleasure items. Keep on reading to find out how to clean the different types of iroha product you have.

Battery Operated

iroha mini series

Here is a general guideline for cleaning battery operated iroha items, such as the iroha RIN, iroha zen, iroha mini, and iroha stick.

  1. Wash with cold or tepid water. Please avoid using hot water as it might cause damage to the product.
  2. For a deep cleanse, we recommend using mild or pH neutral soap.
    *We do not recommend using any strongly acidic or alkaline washing agents, alcohol, or corrosive substances as it can damage the product.
  3. Once washed, please dry with a soft towel. Make sure to pat dry, and we recommend letting the product air dry to ensure it is fully dry before storing.

As a general rule, please make sure the product is completely closed when washing, to avoid the battery getting in contact with water. Other things to look out for when washing iroha battery operated items are to avoid submerging the item in water for a long period of time, or boiling the item.


iroha temari Series

Now that we know how to clean battery operated iroha items, let’s take a look at how to clean our rechargeable iroha items, such as the iroha, iroha+, iroha m&m, iroha RIN+, iroha temari, and iroha SVR.

  1. Wash with cold or tepid water. Same as above, please avoid using hot water or boiling the items as it might cause damage to the product.
  2. For those days that you want a deep cleanse, please use a mild or pH neutral soap.
    *Please avoid cleaning with alcohol, highly acidic or alkaline products, or corrosive cleaners.
  3. Pat dry with a soft towel. And then continue to air dry until the item is entirely dry.
  4. Remember to make sure the charging points are wiped dry with no residue or water as it can interfere with charging.

For rechargeable iroha items with a charging case or base, we also recommend cleaning the charging base too.
  1. Always remember to unplug the charging case/base before cleaning.
  2. Do not submerge or put the charging base/case under water as it can cause damage to the charging base/case.
  3. Use a clean, damp towel to gently wipe the charging points. Please make sure there is nothing blocking the charging points as it can interfere with charging.
  4. Once cleaned, allow it to air dry completely.

As for rechargeable items with charging cables, please remember to unplug the cable when cleaning the device. Do not submerge the cable in water. If needed, gently wipe the charging points with a damp cloth and then pat dry.

For the iroha ukidama series (no longer available for sale), there is the chance for water to enter through the gap between the body and light cover when using it in the bath or shower. Please squeeze the light cover from the sides to remove the light cover. After removing the light cover, please use a towel to wipe off the moisture inside and let it air dry. Once dried, align the light cover’s edge on the groove of the iroha ukidama body and press/push the body and cover together to reattach it. For detailed instructions, please refer to your user manual or check out the digital iroha ukidama user manual here.


iroha petit

iroha petit series

The iroha petit is a single-use, disposable item that is made of 98% water. The iroha petit is a ready-to-use product, no cleaning is required before use. The iroha petit is a single-use item, thus, we do not recommend washing or reusing it due to hygiene reasons.

Every brand has somewhat different ways of cleaning and storing their products. It is always best to read the user manual before using the product.

Best Practice for Storing iroha Items

iroha MIKAZUKI in its caseNow that we know how to properly clean your items, let’s learn how to best store iroha products.

First rule, we recommend storing all iroha items in places with good air ventilation and away from direct sunlight. Long exposure to direct sunlight might alter the color of the device. Second, please do not store them with insecticides, solvents, silicone items, or oil-based products, this could cause the item to become deformed. Lastly, it is best to avoid hot and humid places too as it could damage the item.

Depending on the products, some come in storage cases that also double as chargers, such as the iroha, iroha+, and iroha m&m series. Once the item is completely dried, it is recommended to store them in their case.

For items that don’t have a storage case, we recommend avoiding placing other heavy objects on top of the iroha device, as it might cause the item’s shape to become deformed.


Just remember, by properly cleaning and storing your iroha items, you are prolonging their lifespans. Also, cleaning your self-pleasure items regularly is much better for your health.

As a rule of thumb for iroha items, please don’t wash or clean the items with alcohol or hot water. For rechargeable items, avoid placing the charging cables or bases in water. Please make sure to wash all possible residue and dry the device properly; pat dry first then air dry. Last but not least, please store the iroha items in cool and dry places that are away from direct sunlight.

If there are any specific questions regarding your iroha item, please either check the user manual provided with your product or you can download a digital version on our brand website.