Start the New Year off Right with the iroha Best Sellers of 2022

2022 was certainly an eventful year to say the least. Now that we are all in the first days of the new year, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure of how to start 2023 off right.
Specifically, which resolution should you incorporate into the new year? While this question definitely varies from person to person, there is one thing that we recommend you to incorporate into your new year that we think can add positively to anyone's life.

For your resolution this year, iroha suggests investing in self-pleasure. With this in mind, iroha has taken a good look at the data and uncovered the top iroha products of 2022 to help you along your self-pleasure journey.

Read on to find out which products ranked the highest in 2022, and the reasons they are so beloved by our customers.


iroha+ TORI

Coming in at the top of our list of bestsellers is the iroha+ TORI. The iroha+ TORI has a lot to love.
Named after the Japanese word for bird, the TORI can be used for both internal and external pleasure thanks to its smooth body made from iroha’s beloved Soft-Touch material and slightly-curved smooth insertable tip. To top things off, all items in the iroha+ line have ultra-powerful yet quiet motors and are waterproof up to 20”.

Let’s see what some of our customers have to say about iroha+ TORI:

"Bought this as a 25 Year Anniversary Gift. Was not sure how it would be accepted as it's the first toy we have ever used. All I can say is it has been a hit and gets way more action than I ever thought possible."

- W.I.i


"I absolutely love this magical little thing. The silicone is perfectly soft without compromising the intensity of the vibrations. It’s ergonomic and fits perfectly to hit all the right spots."

- L.G.


iroha YUKI

From our original iroha line of rechargeable items, the iroha YUKI was a popular bestseller in 2022. YUKI, which means snow in Japanese, features a unique design inspired by a snowman, with a semi-insertable tip and wider base all covered in iroha’s unique Soft-Touch material. 


The YUKI is a great vibrator for beginners thanks to its soft-touch material and adjustable vibration modes. Like the TORI mentioned above, the unique design of the YUKI allows you to display it, similar to a small sculpture or art piece. In fact, both the TORI and the YUKI come with a clear charging case, allowing you to display it while it is being charged.


Let’s take a look at a customer review of the iroha YUKI:

“So much fun I came back for more. My very first toy, wanted something discreet, and instantly fell in love. The design alone I find so cute, plus the material is sooooo soft. Use it with my partner often and we both love it. I've had it for so long and used it so much that the vibration mechanism is starting to die and I'm excited to be trying something from the iroha+ line. 1000% recommended to everyone and anyone."

- A.

iroha petit 

iroha petit collection with close up

The iroha petit is a small sized self-pleasure item made for beginners or those looking to try a different, gentler sensation compared to vibrators.

Designed for external stimulation as well as stimulation of the body’s other erogenous zones, the iroha petit is an innovative, one-use item composed of 98% water for a sensation unlike your fingers or silicone.

The iroha petit is available in three different sensations. The iroha petit SHELL features pleated ribs, the iroha petit PLUM features rounded edges, and the iroha petit LILY features distinct edges.

The iroha petit is set to an affordable price point, making it the perfect choice for those wanting to dip their toes into self-pleasure. Many of our customers purchase all three sensations to mix and match during their self-pleasure routine.

Due to its versatility, price-point, and unique design, it is no wonder the iroha petit is one of our 2022 best sellers.

iroha MIDORI

Another item from our original iroha series, the iroha MIDORI was a favorite amongst our customers in 2022.

Made with external stimulation in mind, the rounded green MIDORI can be used to caress all over, or enjoy pin-point sensations with its tip. Like the iroha YUKI, the MIDORI is made from our special Soft-Touch silicone and features adjustable vibration modes for a truly customizable experience.

Here is a customer review of their experience with the iroha MIDORI:

"I have no complaints…and I wish I bought from them sooner because this is my go-to most nights. Convenient charging station, inconspicuous design and super soft and squishy texture. The shape is perfect for me and the lowest setting is all I usually need because it has such a nice rumble, no buzz. This is perfect for any beginner or anyone that can't handle anything with really high vibrations and lives with others. It's very quiet and great to set on your night table. You won't regret it."

- J.

iroha SAKURA 

The final item from our original iroha series, the iroha SAKURA was another best selling item in 2022.

With a pillowy-soft and silky smooth to the touch surface made from iroha’s Soft-Touch silicone, aesthetic pink color, and design based off a Japanese cherry blossom, or “sakura”, petal, it is no wonder so many customers were interested in the iroha SAKURA in 2022.

Like the iroha YUKI and MIDORI, the iroha SAKURA is a rechargeable vibrator with adjustable vibration modes, that is both dust and water resistant. Thanks to its design-focused shape, it can also be displayed on a shelf or night stand when not in use.

Let’s read what one of our customers had to say about the iroha SAKURA:

“This was my favorite all time toy. The shape of the tip fits perfectly around the clitoris…The texture is soft and silicone-esque. You can really press that tip in just the right place.”

- A.I.

iroha RIN+ SANGO iroha RIN+ SANGO + Tip close up

The last item on our list is the iroha RIN+ SANGO. The iroha RIN+ is a rechargeable vibrator, with an ultra-squishy, flexible tip able to be used not just for external vibrations but for insertable sensations as well.

The iroha RIN+ is available in two enticing colors, the RIN+ SANGO, which is an elegant muted pink and the RIN+ HISUI which is a mixture of light and dark green.

The iroha RIN+ also has 4 vibration strengths and 2 pulse patterns, so you can experience more powerful, varied sensations depending on your preferences.

Let’s read what one of our customers had to say about the iroha RIN+ SANGO:

“Such a great vibrator. Very soft material, easy to clean, and nice vibration. Great size too.”

- A.


From the iroha petit to the iroha+ series, there are a variety of products that customers enjoyed in 2022. With all these options in mind, what item would you pick from our 2022 best sellers? For those interested, check out our New Year, More Pleasure: Best of iroha promotion to get your hands on what everyone is currently loving at a discounted price!

No matter which self-pleasure product you end up picking, the important thing is that you have decided that in the new year you are investing in self-care and self-pleasure and iroha is very happy and excited for you.