Explore and Experiment with the iroha petit

We recently released the iroha petit CORAL, a limited edition design produced together with Kiko Mizuhara. The iroha petit CORAL is our fourth iroha petit, and since it has been a while since we launched the iroha petit Series, now is the perfect time to have a refresher course about it. So keep on reading to find out how to use the iroha petit, some tips, and our brand new iroha petit CORAL.


Start Your Self-Pleasure Exploration Journey

If you haven’t tried the iroha petit, now is your chance! With the newest iroha petit CORAL, you can experiment with 4 different kinds of designs and find out which one you like the most.

The iroha petit is a great pleasure item for those who are interested in trying out new things, or who are just starting out with their self-pleasure journey. It is a gentle and unique product that allows the user to explore and discover pleasure. Due to its unique material, you can easily glide the product across your skin and use the details of the design to produce different sensations. Also, because it is an external use product, you can use the iroha petit all over your body, exploring and experimenting with your erogenous zones. This makes the iroha petit a great product for exploration whether you are a beginner or already well on your way in your pleasure journey.

How to Use the iroha petit

How to use iroha petit

Now that we know how interesting the iroha petit is, you must be wondering how to you use it?

Well, due to the unique nature of the iroha petit, the usage is a little bit different other non-vibrating pleasure items.

Now let’s get started on how to use to the iroha petit:

  1. Peel the lid off, while gently holding the cup in your other hand. We recommend doing this over the sink or somewhere you can easily discard the liquid.
  2. Discard the liquid inside.
  3. Place the iroha petit cup upside down in your palm.
  4. Gently pinch/squeeze the base of the cup to break the suction and loosen the iroha petit. Please do not forcefully pull the iroha petit out as this might cause damage to the product.
  5. The iroha petit should fall out into your palm.
  6. Feel free to wear it between your fingers or hold onto the handle as you’d like.
  7. Start exploring and enjoy!

Check out our quick tutorial on how to use the iroha petit:

Please keep in mind that the iroha petit is a single-use item, meaning we do not recommend re-using the product for hygienic reasons.

Experiment with the iroha petit

Holding an iroha petit PLUM

Now you know the basics of how to use the iroha petit, it’s time to explore and experiment with them. Depending on the designs of the iroha petit, we have different recommended instructions:

iroha petit SHELL - We recommend the user glide the product horizontally, to experience the waves and the ridges. Of course, feel free to change the angle of the iroha petit SHELL and try different directions.

iroha petit PLUM - With the rounded design, we recommend using the iroha petit PLUM in circular motions. As you are drawing circles, you can also experiment with tiny details in the center of the iroha petit PLUM. Play around with the angles.

iroha petit LILY - The petals of the iroha petit LILY makes it a perfect item for some flicking sensations. Try flicking the iroha petit LILY at different angles and speeds. Use it all over your body and especially your erogenous zones for some unique sensations.

Last but not least, if you want to make the experience extra special, we recommend either putting the iroha petit in the refrigerator to cool it down, or warm it up in the bath before using it. Putting it in the fridge before use can give the experience an extra surprise. Plus, it is a great way to cool down and get intimate on hot summer nights.

iroha petit CORAL - Experiment and Feel More

iroha petit CORAL Main visual banner

The iroha petit CORAL is a limited edition iroha petit that was produced with Kiko Mizuhara, our 10th year anniversary ambassador. Kiko has been a long time fan of the iroha petit, so when she had a chance to collaborate with us, doing so on the iroha petit just felt right. With the iroha petit SHELL being one of her favorite iroha items, it only made sense that this collaboration item, the iroha petit CORAL, complements the SHELL.

Here is how we would recommend using the iroha petit CORAL:

iroha petit CORAL - The obtuse details of the iroha petit CORAL make it the perfect design for some pinpoint stimulation. We recommend gliding the iroha petit CORAL in all directions, and play around with the curvature for different sensations.

Curious to know more about the iroha petit CORAL?

We have both the development meeting blog and an exclusive interview with Kiko Mizuhara about the iroha petit CORAL. Check them out now!

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