Incredible Pleasure, without Vibrations - Fans Review the iroha petit

The iroha petit was first released in March 2021 as iroha's first disposable self-pleasure item. Made of 98% water, this innovative item allows you to enjoy fresh, unique sensations, and it's attracting attention on social media.

On October 5, 2023, a new addition debuted in Japan alongside the iroha petit LILY, SHELL, and PLUM!

This collaborative item developed with Kiko Mizuhara is the easy-to-use, disposable item, iroha petit CORAL. The shape is based on coral sparkling brilliantly in the sea. It's a new design and feel that has never been seen before in iroha.

Click here for the story behind the development of the iroha petit CORAL.

These are the results of a survey of 23 iroha petit fans about their experiences with the iroha petit LILY, SHELL and PLUM. We asked them questions about why they chose them, how they recommend using them, and what shape they liked the most!


What is the iroha petit?

From left to right: SHELL, PLUM, LILY

Since its release in March 2021, approximately 219,000 units* of the ready-to-use self-pleasure item have been shipped worldwide.

Made of 98% water, this innovative item allows you to enjoy a new sensation completely different from anything you've experienced before. Use it to trace, caress, and freely find pleasure your way. Three types, each providing unique stimulation.

You can cool it in a refrigerator or warm it between your hands or in a bath to your desired temperature.

*Total global shipments as of August 2023

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Survey conducted with iroha petit users

Here are the results of a survey we conducted with 23 iroha petit fans. We asked them questions about why they chose them, how they recommend using them, and what shape they liked the most!

Q1. What made you decide to buy the iroha petit?

Ms. Mochigohan
iroha's vibrating items were so good that I wanted to know how some of the other iroha items felt like.

Ms. Haru
I was attracted to the fact that the feeling was so close to oral. Also that it was a ready-to-use, single-use item.

Ms. Nontan
When I first saw the item, I was curious as to how it would feel.

Ms. Nekousagi
I was drawn to it because it was affordable and disposable, and incredibly convenient to use.

Ms. Tsumasaki-chan
When I saw the release information on the iroha account on Twitter (now X), I had never used one before. But the cute packaging, single-use nature of it and low price range made it easy for me to tell my lover that I wanted to try them out.

The main reason was that the price was very reasonable. Also, I wanted to use it to see what the supple tactile feel was like.

At $7 per item, the iroha petit is the lowest priced iroha item.
Many customers seem to attracted by the affordable price and the new kind of sensation the item provides.

As far as where they purchased their items, the most popular place of purchase was the TENGA (iroha) Official Online Store in Japan. Next were iroha's permanent stores: iroha STORE Daimaru Umeda in Osaka, TENGA STORE TOKYO in Yurakucho, Tokyo, as well as other online stores. Lastly, in addition to purchasing at discount stores and adult shops, some said they received it as a gift from a friend or lover.

Q2. What was your impression of the iroha petit the first time you used it?

iroha petit

Ms. Yuri
It feels good whether it's warm or cold, and the smooth, gentle material makes me want to immediately use it again! I can't wait for the next time.

Ms. Mame
It was not overly stimulating, but I thought the kind of tactile sensation was nothing like I've ever experienced before. It was surprisingly erotic.

Ms. Amotan
After warming it up in the bath, it felt very pleasant to the touch. And it’s cute!

Ms. Emiru Yukimi
It felt like a tongue! It really was the greatest feeling.... And the details are so cute! I even left it out in the bathroom as a decoration for a while after using it.

Ms. Nontan
Although it wasn't stimulating enough for me personally, it was an interesting and pleasant sensation. I was also surprised by how nice it smelled. It was a delight for all five senses. I know I can't eat it, but it looked delicious (laugh)!

It’s jiggly and soft, with a comfortably cool feeling. I was surprised at how nice it felt. I've never experienced an item like this before! I was so impressed that I recommended it to my friends.

Ms. Mochigohan
I was surprised at how good it felt to be able to control the pace and strength I wanted when holding it in my hands.

Ms. Shiro
The smooth, supple texture felt very good. When I warmed it up, it felt like my nipples were being licked.

The iroha petit can be enjoyed as is, or you can enjoy it at different temperatures, such as chilling it in a refrigerator or warming it to body temperature in the bath or between your hands.

We also received very positive comments appreciating the fragrance, as it has a slight scent of yuzu and ylang-ylang.

Q3. Which iroha petit do you like the most?

Which iroha petit do you like the most?

Comments from PLUM fans

Ms. Christmas
I think it looks the cutest. I liked the grooves on the petals and all the other protrusions.

Ms. Mizu
The bumps felt wonderful against my nipples.

Ms. Shiro
The width of the petals makes it feel good when you move it around.

I love the small bumps on the PLUM because they feel so good!

Comments from SHELL fans

Ms. Kaname Kinuko
The seashell design and the packaging are cute, making you think of the ocean. As for the feeling when in use, it is easier to feel the stimulation if you slide the item along the folds vertically.

Ms. Kaede
The PLUM is a bit too stimulating around the center protrusions.

Ms. Aya
The shape of the vertical stripes provides varying strengths of stimulation, which makes it feel good.

Ms. Keromi
I love the seashell design.

Comments from LILY fans

Ms. Nontan
You can tease with the different angles, or rub using the grooves.

Ms. Mochigohan
First of all, I was attracted to the look. It also has the most bumpy edges, and feels good even with a slight amount of pressure.

Ms. Haru
It has pronounced edges so you can feel contrasting strong and gentle stimulation.

Ms. Kunitomo
The bumps and grooves on the surface fit my body the best.

PLUM has taken a slight lead in popularity. But when you try them out for yourself, you will be able to feel the differences in shape and sensations of each of the three types.

Q4. Have you ever had an orgasm using the iroha petit?

Have you ever had an orgasm using the iroha petit?

Despite the fact that the item does not vibrate, 70% of people had an orgasm with the iroha petit. And many people use the iroha petit along with other self-pleasure items.

Q5. What is a feature or benefit of the iroha petit that other self-pleasure items do not have?

iroha petit line-up

We spoke to those who have self-pleasure items other than the iroha petit.

Ms. Riyo
It felt good even without inserting it, and it was very nice to be able to use it anywhere.

The best part is you don’t need a power supply and it’s silent. As someone who loves self-pleasure, and loves clitoral stimulation, this one suits me the best. Great single-use, hygienic item.

Ms. Kunitomo
Single-use and conveniently ready-to-use. Great for stimulating the breasts. Versatile, you can adjust the temperature of the item. Affordable and easy to buy.

Ms. Rei
It is soundless, disposable, and discreet, so family members won’t find out when you’re using or disposing of it.

Ms. Mochigohan
Unlike electric devices, it can be used with as much or as little strength as you want. Even if you don't live alone, you don't have to worry about the noise. Even if you are unfamiliar with the item or with self-pleasure, it is affordable and easy to get hold of.

Ms. Shiro
No batteries required. You don't have to be afraid to get water on it, so you can even take it into the bath. The feeling is so close to oral.

Q6. How do you usually use the iroha petit?

Ms. Mamiko
I use it for foreplay with my partner. Stimulate the nape of the neck or the top of the bust with the iroha petit to start feeling good, and then use it on your lower body.

Ms. Kaname Kinuko
When I want to use an insertable item but am not quite ready, I like to spend 30 minutes using an iroha petit first, to get me in the mood.

Ms. Mochigohan
As a start to my self-pleasure routine, I use the petit to stimulate my breasts with varying intensity, and then proceed to finish using my hands or the iroha SAKURA.

Ms. Keromi
When I can't be with my partner, I enjoy stimulating myself with the iroha petit while inserting the iroha MIKAZUKI/MINAMO. Also, when I use it with my partner, I use it for foreplay and stimulation during penetration.

Ms. Tsumasaki-chan
I bring it when I take a bath with my lover, warm it up in the bathtub, and use it like that.

There were many people who said, "I use the iroha petit to get myself in the mood." Some people are using it with their partner. Perhaps one of the great things about the iroha petit is that it is so easy to use with a partner.

Q7. What is your favorite way to use the iroha petit? What are your recommendations?

iroha petit

If you vibrate the base of the petit with the iroha stick, you can experience some powerful pleasure. Additionally, in the winter, I like to warm it up a bit with hot water, which makes it feel like being touched by a real person.

Ms. Emiru Yukimi
I love the PLUM, I fit the hollow in the center of the PLUM against the exact center of the clitoris, from there, I move it up and down slowly in a gentle scooping motion. When I start getting wet, I move my fingers side to side to rub the tip of the clitoris. When it starts to feel even better, I move it a little faster, and finish by pressing the petit as I orgasm.

Ms. Riyo
It doesn't require lotion, so it is easy to use as well as being easy to hold. It's also great when used in combination with an insertable toy!

Ms. Tsumasaki-chan
I'm clumsy and terrible at opening the lid, so it's great that I don't have to worry about spilling the liquid inside of it when I use it in the bath. It is also good how easily it can be warmed up. You can rub it along the grooves of the petals, or in a circular motion. It feels good to rub my nipples with the bumps.

Q8. What is your overall satisfaction score for the iroha petit out of 5 stars?

What is your overall satisfaction score for the iroha petit out of 5 stars?

91% of respondents gave it a high rating of 4 stars or higher.

Here are some of their comments:

  • ★★★★★ (5 stars)
  • Ms. Haru: It is a favorite item of mine that I would use again and again because it smells so good, I can enjoy it without feeling guilty, and it feels so nice on the skin.
  • Ms. Riyo: I love it so much that I use them time and time again!
  • Ms. Yuri: It felt less overpowering than electric toys, and it was closer to a natural, real feel, as if with a partner.
  • Ms. Emiru Yukimi: This is my number one item. It's so cute, cute and affordable! I even gifted it to a friend who never engages in self-pleasure, but they used it with a boyfriend and became interested in the item. It's single-use, and not big, which I love. I can take it with me when I travel.
  • ★★★★ ☆ (4 stars)
  • Ms. Nontan: Although it is not overtly sexually stimulating, it is perfect for the concept of self-care, being perfect for self-pleasure and helping you to comfortably relax.
  • Ms. Keromi: Although the petit by itself is not too stimulating, I felt that it would feel great to combine it with other items.
  • ★★★ ☆☆ (3 stars)
  • Ms. Kunitomo: It looks cute. It's a unique item unlike anything else on the market. The shape of the product is very well designed. It's cheap and easily accessible. However, there are two negative points for me: 1. I could not reach an orgasm (not that I need to every time, but it can get frustrating), 2. the handle feels a little weak. It spills a little water when you open it, so you can't use it easily in bed.
  • Ms. Rei: I can't get satisfied with the item alone, but it does get me in the mood.

Do you have anything to say to those who have not tried the iroha petit yet?

iroha petit line-up

Finally, for those who have not used the iroha petit yet, we received passionate messages from many petit fans!

  • Ms. Haru: If you're not sure which one to choose, we recommend getting the set of all 3. You can enjoy discovering which shape suits you, which item to use when you're in a certain mood, etc.!
  • Ms. Aya: It's easy to buy because it’s so inexpensive, so I recommended giving a try! I had my boyfriend use it on me and it felt good! You can even enjoy it with your partner!
  • Ms. RIO: I recommend this for those who are not comfortable with insertable items, and even those who are not comfortable with any kind of pleasure items! Since it is silent, you can enjoy self-pleasure without worrying about your family finding out.
  • Ms. Tsumasaki-chan: I started with the petit and have begun enjoying other iroha products with my partner. If you are interested in adult toys, but are a bit reluctant to be open about it, why not start with the petit? It’s disposable, hygienic, and convenient. At least that’s my opinion.
  • Ms. Emiru Yukimi: If you are not a fan of oral sex, or if your partner gives you oral sex but you don't enjoy it for some reason, the iroha petit may be a good way to practice. Experience how good it feels!
  • Ms. Keromi: It may take a bit of courage to buy your first self-pleasure item, but the iroha petit is an item that even beginners can easily enjoy discreetly. It looks so cute, I get excited every time I use it! I would highly recommend it.
  • Ms. Rei: "I'm scared to put anything inside me! I'm not interested in vibrations! But I still want to try a different kind of self-pleasure!" For anyone that feels that way, try this!

The Affordable and Ready-to-Use iroha petit

We showed the results of a survey of 23 iroha petit users.

It can be used by itself, in combination with other self-pleasure items, or with a partner. You can use it in a variety of situations.

Because it does not vibrate, you can enjoy self-pleasure at your own pace.

It is recommended for those who have not used a self-pleasure item yet, or even those who have only used vibrating items up to now.

You can choose from four varieties, including the new CORAL, a joint collaboration with Kiko Mizuhara.

CORAL offers a different sensation from SHELL, PLUM, and LILY, with its distinct ridges that provide vivid stimulation.

For more details on the iroha petit.

Kiko Mizuhara x iroha Second Collaboration - iroha petit CORAL

iroha petit CORAL

iroha, celebrating its 10th Anniversary in March of 2023, has appointed the multi-talented model and actress Kiko Mizuhara as iroha's Brand Ambassador, marking the next step in our journey.

In June of 2023 in Japan, we released the iroha mai RURI, a high-performance vibrator that has changed the very concept of vibration with HapticWave® technology. Inspired by the sea and whales, this was our first collaboration with Ms. Mizuhara. And now, we are releasing the iroha petit CORAL, the long-awaited new collaboration.

Approximately 219,000 units of the iroha petit have been shipped worldwide since its release in March 2021. The newest edition is inspired by the sea and the beautifully sparkling corals in the ocean, which have served as daily inspirations to Kiko Mizuhara.

Enjoy self-pleasure more easily with these reasonably priced, single-use items.

Total global shipments as of August 2023: [219,000]

For more information on the iroha petit CORAL, click here.

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