iroha & Kiko Mizuhara Collaboration: The Story Behind the iroha petit CORAL

To commemorate iroha's 10th anniversary, this product jointly created by iroha Ambassador Kiko Mizuhara and iroha's development team, the iroha petit CORAL, was released on October 5, 2023 in Japan.

This collaborative item developed with Kiko Mizuhara is the easy-to-use, disposable item, iroha petit CORAL.

The shape is based on coral sparkling brilliantly in the sea. It's a new design and feel that has never been seen before in iroha. We will introduce the behind-the-scenes story of the development of the iroha petit CORAL.


The Marine-Themed iroha petit Kiko Mizuhara × iroha Second Collaboration

This collaborative item developed by Kiko Mizuhara × iroha is influenced by the theme of the sea, which she often draws upon for inspiration.

Product development has started on the iroha petit. She likes it so much that she recommends it to her friends, calling it "revolutionary"!

We Started with the Theme of the Sea When Making the New iroha petit

The development of new iroha petit started in the summer.

The new product development meeting started with Kiko Mizuhara, Gemma, who has been working with Ms. Mizuhara, Ms. Sato, and Ms. Honda, chief designer of the product.

Gemma: "This time, we would like to get Ms. Mizuhara's opinion on creating an iroha petit with a sea theme!"

We immediately prepared various iroha petit prototypes with sea and sea life designs for her to try out.

Development Team of the iroha CORAL

Kiko looked excited as she reviewed the samples, designed with motifs of waves, starfish, corals, and other sea creatures.

Development Team of the iroha CORAL

The shape of each design has a different feel, and you can really tell the differences by touching them.Development Team of the iroha CORAL

Gemma: "Essentially, we have two types, with or without bumps and protrusions."

Kiko: "I think having bumps would give it a nice feel"

Development Team of the iroha CORAL

Kiko: "(Within the company) Which item has the reputation for feeling the best?" "Which ones were popular because they were cute and had the best designs?" Kiko asks questions to Gemma and Ms. Sato, who are in charge of development, as well as Ms. Honda, the chief designer.

We also looked at the items from a design perspective, to see if they would be aesthetically pleasing next to the existing iroha petits, and if they would feel good during use.

Development Team of the iroha CORAL

Careful checks were done to see how it glides on the skin.

After much deliberation......

Kiko: "This is the one! CORAL!"

A theme that has never been seen before at iroha, and Kiko herself loves coral. So we decided on the name CORAL with a coral design!

iroha petit CORAL

The protrusions on the item are also a new shape that has not been seen on an iroha product until now!

The Color of the Packaging Was Also Inspired By the Sea

Development Team of the iroha CORAL

Next, let's talk about the color of the packaging.

Kiko: "As soon as I saw the color samples I thought this shade of blue was beautiful!"

And so, Kiko selected the blue color on our packaging.

In addition, we looked at photos of actual coral, and decided on a blue color that looks like ‘coral in the sea’.

Picture of the iroha petit CORAL in package

And that is how the iroha petit CORAL became the new addition to the iroha petit Series.

Since it is a ready-to-use, disposable, and affordable self-pleasure item, it is also easy for first-time users to try, even for those who have felt it difficult to try other items.

Please try on different parts of your body and enjoy a new sensation completely different from anything you've experienced before.

Watch the video of the development meeting!

You can also see the video of the iroha petit CORAL development meeting below.

About the Kiko Mizuhara × iroha Collaborative item, iroha petit CORAL

iroha petit CORAL

The second collaborative item developed with Kiko Mizuhara, the iroha petit CORAL.

Accentuated with the motif of brilliant coral shimmering in the sea, a new type of self-pleasure item has been born.

An external use pleasure item, to enjoy when you want, how you want.

Single-use, ready-to-use.

Please try the new addition to the iroha petit Series, iroha petit CORAL, available on the iroha Store USA.

Product details here!


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