Unveiling the All New iroha Series!

iroha is excited to announce the launch of the updated iroha Series! As a brand, iroha grows with our audience, so we decided to take some time and refresh our classic and original iroha Series: the iroha YUKI, iroha MIDORI, and iroha SAKURA.


Celebrating 10 Years of iroha

10 Years of iroha BannerIf you haven’t heard, we are currently celebrating the 10-year anniversary of iroha. We thought that 10 years after our start would be the perfect time to take a look at our past. As a brand that aims to continue to grow with our audience, we decided to renew some of our classic items, such as our original launch series, the iroha YUKI, iroha MIDORI, and iroha SAKURA.

Before we jump into the updated ones, we would like to take a quick walk down memory lane.

Looking Back at the Originals

Original iroha Series: iroha YUKI, iroha MIDORI, & iroha SAKURAThe original iroha Series was designed to help more people feel pleasure through a luxurious experience, with 3 beautifully designed vibrators that are encased in our unique, soft and supple Soft-Touch Silicone material. Each of the iroha Series’ designs was inspired by traditional Japanese sweets (Wagashi) with elements of modern Japanese aesthetics. It was important to our product designers to design a product that was versatile, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing for newcomers while being functional in helping more people experience pleasure.

It was essential to make more people feel more comfortable with self-pleasure and be open to self-pleasure. Thus, each of the iroha items comes with its own display/charging case, allowing the users to display the item if wanted (while charging!). Hopefully, people will feel happy looking at their iroha item and redefine what pleasure means to them.

Find out more about our individual iroha Series items with our dedicated blog to the iroha Series here.

Introducing the Updated iroha Series

New iroha Series with both Original and Nadeshiko Pink colorsAs we renewed the iroha Series, we kept true to our aim of combining functionality with design. The product designers made sure that the items focused on providing pleasure to the users while encompassing all the thoughts that were put into creating the original series. This includes sticking with our signature Soft-Touch Silicone that is anti-dust and provides a soft, supple texture that glides gently across the skin.

So what's new?

  • iroha MIDORI with new design and soft-touch siliconeSubtle Design Change: The new iroha MIDORI now features a perked up tip, allowing the users to target their pleasure points easier. While the iroha SAKURA’s tip is now even more welcoming with a softer edge and rounder opening.
  • Updated iroha vibration modesNew Vibration Pattern: Instead of just one rhythmic pulsing, the iroha Series now offers 2 vibration patterns along with the classic low, medium, and high vibration strengths.
  • iroha SAKURA Nadeshiko Pink ButtonSimple 1-Button Control: With a single button, you can easily change between the strengths and vibration patterns you desire.
  • iroha YUKI waterproof imageFully Waterproof: With the new button design, the iroha Series is now fully waterproof. They can be submerged in water up to 50 cm deep.
  • iroha new charging baseBrand New Charging Base: The new iroha Series’ charging base is more compact and uses less plastic. In addition, the item itself will light up when charging.
  • iroha Series in the new Nadeshiko Pink ShadeNew Pink Shades! With this launch, we are bringing our Nadeshiko (Pink) shades to each of the iroha items.

Why You Should Check Them Out!

While we are sad to say goodbye to the original iroha Series, we are also very excited to be sharing the newest iroha Series with you. We hope to help more people feel comfortable with their bodies and sexuality. With the updated version, we are sure that more people can enjoy and experience the luxurious experience that iroha aims to provide. More vibration options, easier usage, and of course, fully waterproof, the new iroha Series is definitely here to stay and would look just as beautiful as the original on your shelves.

Check out the renewed iroha Series here!