iroha's 10th Anniversary - Event Photos and News

Japan's iroha 10 year anniversary event photo

"Love My Color" shown in the photo above is iroha's Japanese copy, as the Japanese side associates different feelings and emotions with colors, and hopes to encourage everyone to embrace what (color) they are feeling in the moment. Globally, we use "Color Your Pleasure" instead.

On March 3, 2023, iroha held a press conference in commemoration of its 10th anniversary.

During the press conference, iroha's Art Director, Public Relations Director, and Business Director, commemorated the brand's journey from birth to its 10th anniversary. They unveiled a new brand statement and presented the brand's future outlook. Additionally, Kiko Mizuhara, iroha's 10th-Anniversary ambassador, took the stage to engage in a talk session with iroha employees, discussing the topic of female sexuality.

In this report, we will showcase the exhibition photos and let you know the news about iroha that was presented by our staff in Japan. There was so much information that we were not able to report on everything that happened!
We hope both those who recently discovered iroha as well as long-time fans will enjoy looking back at the milestones of iroha's last 10 years!


iroha's New Brand Statement

iroha products on display at the 10 Year anniversary eventIn Japan on March 3rd, 2023, iroha refreshed its new brand statement from "Redefining Pleasure" to "Color Your Pleasure - Love Yourself and Live Life Your Way."

The statement adopted during the brand's launch in 2013 was "Redefining Pleasure". It captured the desire to redefine the conventional image of femininity in Japan while aspiring to create a world where women could address sexuality naturally as individuals, transcending traditional gender expectations. 

To mark its 10th anniversary, iroha aimed to empower individuals from the constraints of traditional conventions, enabling each person to feel free and enjoy their unique comfort and pleasure. Hence, our brand statement, "Color Your Pleasure - Love Yourself and Live Life Your Way." 

The Renewed First Generation iroha

Renewed iroha Series on Display

From bottom left: YUKI, MIDORI, SAKURA

On March 3rd, 2023, three of the brand's first models, the iroha YUKI, MIDORI, and SAKURA, were updated with improved features.

The products retain their user-friendliness and quiet motor, with new improvements to the shapes, simplified one button control, and an additional rhythm pattern.

iroha makes pleasure easier than ever before. Experience radiant self-pleasure with the new and improved iroha.

iroha Product Development Plans

iroha Series's draft & inspiration displayFor the first time, we revealed some of our product development documents for the making of iroha (including concept sheets and reference materials).

Since the brand was launched in 2013, iroha has released a total of 47 items in 17 series*, including the iroha ukidama (no longer available for sale), with bath light and massage functions, and the first disposable item we created, the iroha petit.
*As of March 2023.

We develop products with a broad approach that views self-pleasure as part of self-care. As such, we have developed various products according to the needs of our customers, showcasing the features of iroha products and the thoughts that went into their creation.

The Spring-Inspired Nadeshiko Series

iroha Nadeshiko Series on displayiroha's diverse collection was in display at the event. The Nadeshiko Series was particularly popular.

The Nadeshiko Color Series debuted on March 3rd, 2019 in Japan. At first, we wanted to offer limited edition items in beautiful shades of pink that were not available for existing products at the time. In response to the popularity of these limited edition pink colors, we released permanent series of popular charging items in pink as well.

The Spring-Inspired Nadeshiko Series


In Japan, many people associate March 3rd with the girls' festivals Hinamatsuri (Girls Day) or Momo no Sekku (Peach Festival).

We hope that this March, also iroha's birthday month, you will think about iroha's journey so far, and wonder at where we will go from now.

Thank you for your continued support of iroha!