iroha 10th Anniversary Press Conference with iroha Ambassador Mizuhara Kiko

iroha 10-year anniversary disply

On March 3, 2023, iroha celebrated its 10th anniversary.

iroha has helped reshape societal views on female sexuality in Japan, which has long been shrouded in taboo, making it something anyone can enjoy freely in their own way.

Born from the dedication of female employees, the brand reflects on its journey over the past 10 years. With a vision to make female sexuality more open and free to enjoy, the panel took part in some lively discussions on transformative topics and collaborative announcements. Joining us was Ambassador Kiko Mizuhara, who is also a passionate iroha advocate.


3 Years to Create iroha and 10 Years of iroha Encouraging Women to Discuss Sexuality

A few of our iroha members took to the stage to discuss the past and future of iroha.

The idea for iroha was first conceived in 2010.

At that time, discussing women's sexuality was taboo in Japan, and women were treated as if they had no sexual desires, unlike men. Reflective of this sentiment was a survey conducted on self-pleasure items domestically and internationally. It revealed that most items were designed from a male perspective, and there were no sizes and functions of products that took into consideration the female body.

We wondered, "What do women really want?"

When we listened to women's voices, we found that they not only wanted to use a self-pleasure device for orgasms, but also for relaxation. We didn't want to ignore their voices, we wanted to create something that women truly wanted. With this in mind, iroha was born after about three years of hard work.

iroha Series's inspiration and moodboard

Beginning the Product Development Phase: Rough Sketches and Reference Materials

The situation at the time was one in which it was difficult for women to talk about sex, even amongst themselves. In order for women to find their own sense of pleasure, we needed to create a society in which they could openly discuss the subject. With this in mind, we redefined the word "masturbation" to mean "the act of finding one's own pleasure" or "self-pleasure".

Previous iroha Brand Statement: Redefining Pleasure

Rather than being passive about sexuality, iroha wanted women to actively engage in redefining the concept of their "femininity", by creating opportunities to actively participate.

In developing iroha's products, we placed importance on making items that would seamlessly fit into women's daily lives. The speakers discussed incorporating cute shapes, soft materials, and colors that blend into rooms, making self-pleasure items more familiar and accessible, even for first-time users.

Self-Pleasure: A Gentle Dialogue with Oneself. iroha Members' Favorite Products

Over its 10 year history, iroha has produced a total of 47 items in 17 series. *

The products retain their user-friendliness and quiet motor, with new improvements to the shapes, simplified one button control, and an additional rhythm pattern.

"The lineups are so diverse that each employee has their own favorite iroha", said one iroha member, exemplifying the richness of product variety.

*As of March 2023.

Gemma's favorite - iroha+ TORI

Gemma (iroha Product Designer & Project Leader)

My pick is the iroha+ TORI!

The curve of the iroha TORI's back has just the right proportions to stimulate all over the clitoris and outer labia, while the tip is perfect for tickling sensations. It does the work really well and in a record time!

Monica's favorite - iroha+ KUSHI

Monica (Global Marketer)

I choose the iroha+ KUSHI!

The design of the iroha+ KUSHI just makes it so unique, both in functionality and appearance.
The ribs really allow you to experience waves of sensations, while the tip gives you direct pinpoint pleasure.

Maria's favorite - iroha+ TORI

Maria (Global Marketer)

I recommend the iroha+ TORI because it's cute and super versatile. Not only can you use both tips of the birdie, but also its flat back for broader stimulation.

"We have broadened our vision of self-pleasure as being a part of self-care," says one of our iroha speakers. "In order to cater to each individual's needs, the range of items has expanded from insertable items to items that can be used externally, and even items that can be used by couples. "

However, the road to realizing iroha's vision has been challenging. Even after releasing an array of remarkable products, it has been difficult to reach those in need and to change the perception of society.

A turning point came with the iroha pop-up store at Daimaru Umeda Department store in Osaka in 2018. It was an unprecedented event to have self-pleasure items in a major department store. We had no idea how many customers we would attract, but it turned out to be a great success, with 1,500 customers coming to the store over the course of 13 days! Seeing customers pick up items saying, "This is cute!" or "I like this color!" as if they were choosing cosmetics, was deeply moving. 

It was around this time that the way people viewed female sexuality began to change.

There was a certain talk show that mentioned, "It is not shameful for women to think about their own pleasure. Knowing your own body and getting pleasure from it can enrich your life."

This statement helped to spread the idea that self-pleasure is "a special time for oneself and a gentle dialogue with one's own body."

Beyond Femininity with a New Brand Statement: Color Your Pleasure - Love Yourself and Live Life Your Way

"To change the subject of women's sexuality into something more open, that can be considered as something that everyone can enjoy."

This idea of iroha has gradually penetrated society. It has come to be embraced in women's daily lives, not only for achieving orgasms, but also as a source of everyday comfort. This change is significant.

From the iroha STORE at Daimaru Umeda and other outlets, the availability of iroha items has expanded to 2,802 stores over the past decade. Additionally, the distribution of the iroha INTIMATE CARE brand, focusing on items to care for delicate areas, has surpassed 10,000 stores in about 5 years (as of March 2023).

This reflects a growing trend of people using dedicated products for intimate care, reflecting an increasing interest in personal well-being. A wide range of comments and questions about the topic were received by store staff and from emails spanning a diverse age group, even from those in their 70s and 80s.

We want to redefine the meaning of "femininity" that women have been asked to accept by society. We aim to create a society where women can naturally, without fear or judgement, openly engage with their sexuality.

After many discussions among the 20 female employees involved with iroha, we decided to reinvent our brand statement. We wanted to make it possible for each and every one of us to enjoy our own unique sense of comfort more freely, without being restricted by traditional views and conventions.

Our new statement is "Color Your Pleasure - Love Yourself and Live Life Your Way"


iroha - Color Your Pleasure

From the time a woman's body reaches her first menstruation, she is continuously affected by hormones throughout life: menstruation, puberty, PMS, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause.

As one of our iroha speakers commented, "We will continue to propose new products and services as a 'femcare brand' supporting women who are busy with their daily activities and help them lead fulfilling lives."

Welcoming Kiko Mizuhara as Brand Ambassador on iroha's 10th Anniversary!

To embrace a new chapter of our company with renewed aspirations, iroha is teaming up with a powerful influencer. We're excited to introduce Kiko Mizuhara, a long-time iroha fan, as our ambassador on our 10th-anniversary! Join us for an engaging discussion.

Kiko Mizuhara as iroha ambassador

Kiko Mizuhara first encountered iroha shortly after its release to the public.

"I picked up an iroha at a store when it first went on sale in 2013. I was impressed by its cute design and gentle feel, and I could tell at a glance that it was a self-pleasure item specially made for women."

Ms. Mizuhara, who became a fan of iroha, visited TENGA's headquarters for her Amazon Prime Show, "Kiko Kikaku," which she planned, appeared in, and also supervised.

"I really enjoyed hearing about the history and development of iroha from the people of the company I've loved for so long. I felt the passion of the developers, which has made me love iroha even more! It was like a girls' night out, and the response from the audience was great. It made me realize that it still can be difficult to talk about iroha among friends, and that there were not many opportunities for media coverage to help spread the word."

Kiko Mizuhara at iroha 10 year anniversary press event

Ms. Mizuhara has been taking the lead in spreading word about self-pleasure in the media. An iroha brand advertisement starring Kiko Mizuhara was published in the Yomiuri Shimbun morning edition on March 3rd, the first time in Japan that a pleasure item has been advertised in a Japanese newspaper.

"Love My Color" shown in the photo above is iroha's Japanese copy, as the Japanese side associates different feelings and emotions with colors, and hopes to encourage everyone to embrace what (color) they are feeling in the moment. Globally, we use "Color Your Pleasure" instead.

Commenting on the advertisement, which was a big decision for iroha, "She speaks about sexuality as a common, everyday topic. Ms. Mizuhara always presents herself authentically, which I believe is uplifting to Japanese women."

Kiko Mizuhara expressed her joy at becoming iroha's Ambassador, saying, "I'm genuinely thrilled!"

She strongly resonated with iroha's new slogan, "The power to enrich my life is within me." It truly resonates with her own beliefs.

Kiko Mizuhara Collaborates with iroha to Create New Products!

Kiko Mizuhara and iroha team members at press event

"We're delighted to announce that in addition to serving as Ambassador, Kiko Mizuhara is also involved in the development of collaborative products with iroha!"
When asked about her impressions of being involved in the development of pleasure items, Mizuhara passionately expressed, "I was amazed beyond words by iroha's dedication and passion to design, such as the variety of vibration patterns and the method of creating the product body's colors."

In particular, Mizuhara was drawn to the design process.

"I liked how the design process was surprisingly analog. The way they create colors is impressive. Learning that they adjust the delicate balance of colors by applying colors directly to the body while designing, you realize that iroha's charm lies in those subtle details."

The product development process was lively with a sense of camaraderie. Ms. Mizuhara, who regularly uses our products, confided in us that she is developing items infused with her love for iroha and insights drawn from her experiences.

Kiko Mizuhara's inspiration stems from elements she cherishes in her life: "nature" and the "sea". These inspired her choices for vibration patterns and the main body color. One iroha member commented, "Ms. Mizuhara's unique perspective and various ideas sparked creativity, giving us plenty of inspiration. It was a very creative environment to work in."

Sharing and Solving Problems Through Conversation

Kiko Mizuhara talking about iroha and sexuality

In closing, we asked Ms. Mizuhara about the changing landscape surrounding women's sexuality. She shared her honest feelings based on her experiences with family and friends.

"Even from a global perspective, talking about women's sexuality has been considered taboo. However, it is very important to talk about sexuality from the aspect of health. Personally, I've noticed a significant change in being able to have such conversations with my mother. Historically, her generation tended to shy away from discussions about sexuality out of embarrassment. However, when my mother faced health issues, she felt the necessity to understand her body better, leading us to have open discussions with each other. Not only within our family but also in society, conversations about sexuality have gradually become more acceptable in recent years, and I personally feel this is a good trend." 

Speaking openly about women's sexuality, Kiko Mizuhara says that sharing knowledge and concerns is necessary for a happy life. "By talking about it, we can share what we've learned and find solutions to our issues. If a friend confides in me, I also feel comfortable sharing my own experiences. There is a limit to what we can solve on our own, and I believe that we need more opportunities to talk about sex in order to support each other and overcome challenges together. This is something I would like to see conveyed not only to women, but also to men, so we can all live in harmony with each other."

Lastly, Ms. Mizuhara gave us a message as iroha's Ambassador. 

"As Ambassador of iroha, I love being able to work with them on new initiatives. Self-pleasure is very important to us. I hope that by being an ambassador, I will be able to help many women talk about self-pleasure with their loved ones."

iroha has overcome many obstacles to reach its 10th anniversary.

The venue was filled with reporters who were eager to learn more about the company and its products, and it created an atmosphere to think openly about women's sexuality. iroha will keep moving forward with your support, and the support of our trusted partners.


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