Reviews of the Renewed iroha Series

Welcome to our review roundup of the updated iroha series. This unique collection of pleasure items redefines self-care with its soft and supple silicone designs, offering a new level of comfort and satisfaction. In this review roundup, we will explore the various products in the series and what customers have to say about their experiences.


A Brief Introduction to the iroha Series

The iroha series is a thoughtfully crafted collection of pleasure items designed to provide a softer, more tactile experience than ever before. Encased in a soft and supple silicone skin, each product offers a gentle touch that sets it apart from traditional rigid vibrators. With a focus on discretion, simplicity, and versatility, the iroha series aims to redefine self-care.

After a recent revision, the series has become even easier to use by exchanging the two-button controls with a simpler one-button control. Not only that, the iroha MIDORI’s shape now fits even more snugly to the body to provide the best possible comfort, and an added rhythm pattern in all models allows for more individual experimentation.

The series features three different designs: the snow-white YUKI, the spring-green MIDORI, and the cherry blossom pink SAKURA. All items also come in different shades of pink as part of the iroha Nadeshiko series and feature three vibration modes, two rhythm patterns, and one-button control.

iroha MIDORI SoftTouch Silicone
iroha YUKI waterproof material
iroha MIDORI one-button control

 Key Features:

  • Unique SoftTouch Silicone Material
  • Waterproof & Easy to Clean
  • Anti-Dust Coating
  • Strong & Near-Silent Motor
  • Simple One-Button Control

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Let us dive into the customer reviews and see what they have to say about their experiences with iroha items!

iroha YUKI

iroha YUKI original white color


"This is hands down the BEST vibrator I've ever owned. I love it, the battery lasts long, it's quiet, and it's small enough to use in many different positions with your partner. ☃️🫰"

 - A.H.

"Fun Little Toy"

"iroha has a really nice new toy with their YUKI, and it has quickly become my favorite. It is compact and easy to travel with. The silicone is easy to clean and includes a USB cable charger.

I love that I can take it into the bathtub after a long day. The device is waterproof, so use in the shower or bath is OK (and highly recommended). The three vibrations are all nice and can be combined with a rhythmic pulse or a gentle to strong pulse. One button controls everything and is located on the bottom center of the device.

I've been using this toy regularly and have gotten so much enjoyment out of it. Being away from my significant other for long periods of time is so much more bearable. iroha made a gem with the YUKI."

- E.P.


"What a genuinely brilliant product! I am yet to find any negative feature of this, my wife hasn’t either!

Before receiving this, I was dubious about the shape and therefore the practicality of using it, but it’s literally the perfect size and shape. It’s been designed to offer a greater coverage than something like a bullet, so whatever you do, it hits the spot!

It’s soft and smooth and feels excellent quality. It’s much much quieter than other toys on the market. The battery is still going on its first charge having been used 3 times. It cleans perfectly with any regular toy suitable cleaner.

Really couldn’t recommend this enough. Give it a try, I guarantee you it will surprise you and it won’t fail to make a good night!!"

- S.

iroha YUKI nadeshiko pink color

iroha MIDORI

iroha MIDORI original green color

"Wonderful Experience"

"The iroha MIDORI has truly redefined external stimulation for me. Its perked-up tip design makes precise targeting effortless and provides a versatile caressing option. The ability to adjust its placement enhances the experience even further. The curve between the tip and the body is well-designed to fit my body's shape perfectly. Moreover, MIDORI is soft and silky, adding to the luxurious experience. The new waterproof feature is a fantastic addition, whether you prefer steamy showers or tranquil baths, MIDORI is right there with you. MIDORI seamlessly blends innovation with pleasure, making it an exceptional investment for anyone seeking refined external stimulation."

- V.A.

"Love the squish"

"The MIDORI is beautiful and can be left anywhere on display without alarming any guests. It's a great size to hold in your hand, and it's wonderfully squishy and soft. It has five different vibration modes. I tend to prefer the continuous settings, rather than the pulsating ones, and the MIDORI has 3 different continuous intensities, which is great. They go from slow to intense in a good progression, and the most intense setting is actually quite powerful for such a small toy. It's easy to clean and charge. It might have become my first pick in my rotation."

- M.

iroha MIDORI nadeshiko pink color

iroha SAKURA

iroha SAKURA original cherry blossom pink

"Delightful and discreet"

"When I first took the SAKURA out of its packaging, I was astonished by how soft it was! It feels like soft butter in your hands and along your body. The different levels of vibration will leave you breathless and satisfied. My partner enjoys using this on several different parts of my body, and it is truly a wonderful experience."

- H.C.

"A great starter vibe"

"I absolutely loved feeling the squishy texture of the SAKURA when I took it out of the packaging. It's definitely softer and more malleable than any other vibrators I've tried before! It's portable, cute, the controls are easy to use, and it feels so nice against the body. I gave four stars because I personally like a more firm and powerful vibration, but if you prefer things a little on the softer side, this is an amazing toy!"

- R.B.

iroha SAKURA nadeshiko pink color

Which iroha do I choose?

All of the irohas are excellent for beginners and advanced users alike, but they differ in nuances. Which one you might choose in particular is up to your preferred stimulation: The YUKI allows for a broader stimulation and is also semi-insertable, so that people who are looking for external stimulation with the option of internal stimulation should choose this one. The MIDORI’s tip is curved upwards and a bit slimmer than the YUKI’s, so that it is the best choice for those who prefer more direct, pin-point stimulation. The SAKURA’s soft and open tip can be used to gently pinch and tease intimate areas, allowing for both direct and indirect stimulation.

Moreover, all items from the original iroha series also have Nadeshiko color variations in various beautiful shades of pink. The only difference between the original iroha and the Nadeshiko series is their color, so you can choose freely according to your personal preference.