iroha mai: Elevate Your Sexual Wellness with iroha’s HapticWave® technology

iroha is happy to announce our latest release, the iroha mai: a self-pleasure item that changes the very concept of vibration and can help you further elevate your sexual wellness. As iroha celebrates its 10th anniversary, as a brand we understand that self-pleasure is still a topic that needs more discussion. At the same time, we realized that some of our fans want more, and the iroha mai is here to fulfill those needs. Let’s find out more about the amazing features of the iroha mai and why you should definitely check it out.


iroha mai: Insertable Pleasure

iroha mai TOKI being heldiroha is on a mission to help more people feel comfortable with their bodies and normalize self-pleasure. In order to achieve such goals, it is important to create products that beginners feel comfortable trying, and this is something we have done for the past 10 years. Thanks to our fans, iroha has grown and now, we understand that while there are still many people in the beginner stage of their self-pleasure journey, many of our fans are also ready for the next step, and this is where the iroha mai comes in.

The iroha mai is designed for insertable pleasure, specifically for vaginal stimulation, such as the G-spot. The sleek structure and bend in the middle of the product allows the users to easily reach sensitive areas. With a firm structure, the user can effortlessly pinpoint the pleasure as desired. That being said, just like any iroha product, we focus on creating products that are functional, unique, and definitely aesthetically pleasing.

The design of iroha mai was inspired by swans, and you can easily see the resemblance when placing the iroha mai upwards on the charging base. As for the two colors of the iroha mai, TOKI and TSURU, the pink TOKI is named after the Japanese Crested Ibis and the white TSURU is named after the Japanese Crane. At iroha, we make sure to pay attention to all the details in our creations, in the hopes of creating the best products for our users. We constantly strive to implement better technology and smarter designs to our products for the ultimate experience.

Find out more features of the iroha mai on our dedicated iroha mai page!

HapticWave® Technology: Turning Music into Vibrations

iroha mai with the list of 10 unique vibrationsHave you ever thought about what your vibrator sounds like? One of the major concerns with vibrators is how loud or noisy they are, rather than what kind of sounds they make. However, the iroha mai is different, not only is it one of the quietest iroha items, it is also the very first one in our collection to utilize haptic technology, which is often used in smartphones and game controllers. Our HapticWave® technology converts low-frequency sound waves (40-70 Hz) into dynamic vibrations. So, make beautiful music together with your iroha mai!

With the unique HapticWave® Technology, users can experience 3-dimensional vibrations that penetrate deeper than conventional motors. Due to the HapticWave® technology, the motor can perform a wide range of vibrations in terms of strength and depth. Our designers have created 10 unique Sound-Based Patterns, allowing our users to truly experience a wide range of vibrations to find the vibrations that resonate with them.

While the iroha mai is for insertable pleasure, one can also use it for external stimulation. In fact, when using the iroha mai internally and externally, the vibration experience is very different. We recommend trying both!

Let’s Elevate Our Sexual Wellness

iroha mai TOKI and TSURU on a bedSelf-pleasure can help relieve stress and have many other benefits, such as improving our sexual wellness. iroha hopes to help more people achieve deeper understanding of their bodies, gain confidence in their bodies, improve their self-esteem, and of course, help more people understand pleasure.

With the iroha mai, we hope to provide an option for those who are looking for a stronger and unique self-pleasure item to be part of their self-pleasure journey. One can experience deeper and more resonating pleasure through the iroha mai, granting the benefits of self-pleasure and improving their sexual wellness.

For those of you who are interested in trying out something new, or those of you who are looking for a G-spot vibrator, you should definitely check out the iroha mai collection.

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