How To Use iroha With Your Partner

Many of us would like to show our partner some extra love or strengthen the relationship by spicing things up. A great way to do so is to introduce a sex toy into the bedroom. Not only are sex toys great for some solo self-pleasure sessions, but they can also be used as a tool to strengthen or spice up the relationship. In this blog, we are going to share with you a few iroha items that we recommend you check out and possibly use with your partner.

Keep on reading to find out how to use iroha with your partner!


How To Use iroha With Your Partner

How To Use iroha With Your Partner

Before we jump into the good parts, let us remind ourselves that communication and trust are very important when it comes to relationships. It is especially crucial to properly communicate with your partner regarding the idea of using a self-pleasure item together. You want to make sure that both parties are consenting and comfortable with each other and the sex toy. It might be a little bit scary to bring up the topic, but don’t worry, it can be well worth it.

Make sure both parties understand where each other stands with the sex toy and that the sex toy is not a replacement, but an addition to help the two of you feel more. While using it, make sure to continue the conversation, educating each other on what feels good, and if desired, taking turns using the toy on each other is the way to go! Now, let’s see which iroha items we recommend you try out with your partner!

iroha petit: Beginner-Friendly Addition 

iroha petit collectionIf you are still relatively new to self-pleasure items and are not sure how you feel about vibrators yet, the iroha petit is a great choice! The iroha petit is a unique, one-time-use item that offers an innovative, supple texture that is unlike silicone or your fingers. You can use it to gently caress or touch yourself or your partner’s erogenous zones. With the details of the designs, you can use the iroha petit in many ways, such as gently gliding it over the skin or flicking the edges against your erogenous zones. On top of that, you can easily warm up the iroha petit with the palms of your hands, or in the bath. For warmer seasons, you can easily pop them into the refrigerator for a cooling sensation. 

The main body of the iroha petit is composed of 98% water and made with biodegradable material. There are three designs: iroha petit SHELL, PLUM, and LILY. Find out more about the iroha petit series here.

iroha ukidama: For Intimate Bathing

iroha ukidama seriesIf you are looking for something a little more special while still just wanting to test the waters out with sex toys, we definitely recommend the iroha ukidama series (no longer available for sale). The iroha ukidama is designed to be used in the bath. It is waterproof and can float in water, making it the perfect item for an intimate couples’ bath. In addition, the iroha ukidama contains an LED light that allows one to set the mood in place of a candle, so no more fire near your bath. 

You can easily use the iroha ukidama to massage both yourself and your partner in the bath. 

iroha+ : A Luxurious Experience

Last but definitely not least, we recommend our iroha+ collection: iroha+ TORI, KUSHI, and YORU. The iroha+ series features our special Soft-Touch Silicone, providing users with the ultimate soft, yet powerful sensations. On top of that, in this series our designs focused on more defined edges, allowing you to accentuate the stimulation to your liking. The iroha+ can be used for external stimulation, and depending on the designs, the tips can also be inserted. With such variations to the usage, the iroha+ series is a great choice for coupled pleasure. 

Find out more about the iroha+ collection here

Try Mutual Masturbation

Model with iroha+ KUSHIAnother way to use iroha with your partner is through mutual masturbation, where both parties masturbate in the same room. Similar to sex, mutual masturbation is very intimate and it can help create a stronger bond between the two parties. As mentioned above, you should also make sure you consult your partner when thinking about trying mutual masturbation. When both parties agree on mutual masturbation, you can either choose to use your hands or get an iroha for yourself or your partner. Feel free to use your favorite iroha item or one of the iroha product mentioned above. 

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These are just 3 iroha items we recommend that you try out with your partner, however, many of our other items are suitable for partnered pleasure as well. Depending on your preferences and experience levels, feel free to try out other iroha items to use with your partner. 

Remember when using iroha with your partner, to make sure you are communicating first and that both parties are comfortable with it. Communication plays an important role when using sex toys with your partners, so don’t forget it! 

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