A New Year of Pleasure and Self-Care

As we slowly settle into 2023, the first month of the new year is often when people take some time to reflect on their past year and plan for a new one. Whether it is setting new year resolutions, or simply looking forward to the new year filled with new opportunities. As part of our new year’s resolution, iroha wishes to create a safe community where people can join us in discovering themselves, learn to take care of themselves, and be the most authentic version of themselves.

That’s why we wish to encourage more people to take some time during the new year as an opportunity to reflect or reconnect with themselves and set some new goals, preferably ones that would lead to more pleasure and self-love.

Join us in getting ready for a new year of pleasure and self-care!


Starting A New Year: Thinking Back

Thinking back in the nature at sun rise

One common habit that many have when starting a new year is to look back on the year that we just experienced and reflect. Thinking back and reflecting on what has happened in the past year can not only help us grow and understand ourselves better, but it can also help us move forward.

As we look back, it is also important to realize that what has happened, happened. So instead of dwelling on negatives, see if it is possible to improve upon them or change them somehow. If not, see if there are ways we can move on from the event. Thinking back is not always easy, so please take it slowly and if needed, don’t be afraid to reach out to others for help. Looking back can allow us to understand what areas of our life we would like to improve and change, and from there on, set new goals and challenges for the new year.

New Challenges for the New Year

writing new year goalsNew year resolutions or goals are very common and many involve some sort of change, whether it is a change in lifestyle, for example exercising more, or reading more, or even just going out to have a nice stroll in nature every so often. While all are great goals, at iroha, we would like to encourage more people to take the time to look after themselves, and take an extra step to make self-care one of their new year goals. As society is constantly changing and many of us are doing our best to keep up with the ever evolving environment, we often forget to look after ourselves and show ourselves some self-love. So one of iroha’s goals is to inspire more to start a self-care routine.

We recommend to either start creating a self-care routine, or amp up your current self-love activities. It could be something that you are already doing, such as spending time with people you love, but doing it more often, or taking the time to journal down your thoughts. If you want to do something new, you could start meditation or self-pleasure.

iroha’s goal is to encourage and inspire more to look after themselves in the new year, and there are many ways to do so. Here are some that we recommend: take the time to rest, move your body with some gentle stretches or a full-on workout (depending on your preference) and of course, self pleasure. Explore your body and understand what makes you feel good, while showing your body some self-love.

Start Your Self-Pleasure Journey

Start Your Self-Pleasure JourneyTo start something new is always scary, however, once you start and create a routine or do it repeatedly, the “something new” becomes easier after each time. The same can be applied to self-pleasure. The threshold of starting self-pleasure can be intimidating for some, but once you try it and feel the pleasure of masturbation, it can be something that you’ll want more. 

According to the
TENGA Global Self Pleasure Report 2021, in the United States, 68% of the participants stated that masturbation has made them feel good, and acted as a form of self-care during quarantine. On top of that, there are many health benefits to self-pleasure that can motivate many to start.

For those of you that don’t self-pleasure already but want to, here are some tips to get started:

  1. Decide the motive of self-pleasure. It could simply be that you want to understand your body better. Or if you are looking for a new way to relieve stress, then yes, self-pleasure can help relieve stress!
  2. Find a place you feel comfortable and safe. Self-pleasure and masturbation is a very intimate activity, so it is best to find a place where you can feel safe to do such an intimate act. 
  3. Start small. You don’t have to immediately start touching your delicate zone, instead you can start with other erogenous zones. Get used to touching yourself and experience the sensation of your touch.
  4. Your hands are your best friends. Similar to the one above, start with something simple and easy like your hands. Gently touching or even gently massaging your body are great ways to start. Feel the differences in pressure and sensation, and then explore your body in different positions, standing, sitting, lying down, and so on.
  5. Take your time. Self-pleasure is supposed to be something enjoyable, so don’t rush yourself, take your time to enjoy the experience. Get yourself into the zone and feel more. 
  6. Don’t worry about achieving orgasm. Don’t put pressure on yourself when you start out. You don’t want to overthink during masturbation, focus instead on feeling good and be gentle on yourself. Also, orgasms do not have to be the end goal of both sex and masturbation. The important thing is to feel good. 

For those of you that already have a self-pleasure routine, why not spice it up with a new self-pleasure item? Get some new toys and start trying different kinds of sensations. Not sure what to get? Check out our blog about how to pick your first or next iroha!


In the new year, if you haven’t tried self-pleasure before, why not make that your new year goal? If you have, how about making self-pleasure part of your regular self-care routine? Possibly try a new self-pleasure item to spice up your current routine. Show yourself and your body the extra love it deserves and feel good in 2023.

iroha wishes everyone a great new year with all sorts of new self-care and self-love activities. It is important to take care of yourself, and iroha is here to help you feel good and achieve your authentic self.

So let’s start the new year with more pleasure and self care!