Self-Pleasure Is Part of Sexual Health

When we think about health and well-being, we often forget about our sexual health. Since sexual health is not a topic that often comes up in our daily lives, there’s a high chance that many might not know a lot about the topic. However, sexual health is an essential part of our overall health, and by taking care of our sexual health, we are also improving our overall health. One way to take care of and look after our sexual health is through self-pleasure. In this blog, we would like to go into details regarding sexual health, how self-pleasure is a part of sexual health, and what you can do to further improve your sexual health through self-pleasure.


What is Sexual Health?

In order to improve our sexual health, it is important to first understand what sexual health entails. So, let’s find out together!

According to the WHO, sexual health “requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion, discrimination and violence…Sexual health-related issues are wide-ranging, and encompass sexual orientation and gender identity, sexual expression, relationships, and pleasure.”

Sexual health is a very broad subject, with many topics including STIs, contraception, human anatomy, body development (puberty & pregnancy), gender and sexuality, relationships, and overall wellness. Similar to any aspect of health, it is important to be aware of and maintain a healthy relationship with one’s sexual health. This can be done through learning about the topics of sexual health, understanding one’s body, and having regular check-ups with professionals.

It is important to take a well-rounded view of one’s sexual health as it affects more than just sex, it can easily affect one’s mental, emotional, and physical health too. One way to start building a healthy connection with your sexual health is to explore your body and learn through self-pleasure.


How Self-Pleasure is Part of Sexual Health

There are ways self-pleasure can affect and further better one’s health. Self-pleasure not only produces immediate pleasure, but also brings about results in other areas, such as STIs, contraception, human anatomy, relationships, and overall wellness. Through self-pleasure, one can understand these topics better and even strengthen their relationship with themselves.

Self-pleasure allows one to explore and better understand their body
Self-pleasure allows one to understand and enjoy pleasure. It is an opportunity to better understand orgasms and one’s own pleasure process. With the new knowledge of their body, it can lead to more pleasurable sexual experiences in the future, whether it is by oneself or with partners. Being able to have these pleasurable sexual experiences is also an important part of one’s sexual health.

Self-pleasure can help your relationships
Understanding one’s body through self-pleasure can strengthen trust and communications between partners. By understanding your body, pleasures, and needs, you can become better at communicating that to your partner and creating an even more pleasurable experience for all parties. There is also research suggesting that “married women who masturbated to orgasm had greater marital and sexual satisfaction than women who did not masturbate.”

On top of that, self-pleasure can also mean mutual masturbation. Mutual masturbation is also a great way to open up communication between partners and create a safe and pleasurable sexual experience. Seeing your partner in pleasure and learning how to pleasure them can help develop intimacy between you and your partner. Not only is it good for your sexual health, but also your partner’s.

Masturbation reduces the chance of STIs and pregnancy
Well-known parts of sexual health that are often taught are STIs and contraception. Other than abstinence, self-pleasure and mutual masturbation are both methods of safe sex that can reduce the chances of contracting STIs and pregnancies. So, why not enjoy yourself while satisfying urges, and relieving stress, and not have to worry about STIs or getting pregnant?

These are just a few ways how self-pleasure can help better our sexual health. In fact, there are many other benefits to masturbation.


Why You Should Consider Trying Self-Pleasure


According to the 2020 TENGA Global Self Pleasure Report, most people (84%) agreed that self-pleasure is good for their health. In the same report, 80% of the participants stated that they think masturbation has a positive effect on sex appeal, and 73% stated that self-pleasure has a positive effect on their relationships.

Not only are you improving your sexual health through self-pleasure, but there are also many other benefits to self-pleasure. Such as increasing one’s self-esteem and body confidence, improving mood and relieving stress, and improving quality of sleep.

In fact, more and more people consider self-pleasure as a part of self-love/self-care. 84% of the participants consider masturbation as a form of self-care in 2020 vs 54% in 2016.

Self-pleasure is an act to connect with your body and better understand your sexual needs. It is natural and something almost everyone does. Why not try self-pleasure, both for yourself and for your sexual health?


Putting the Pleasure in Sexual Health 

In celebration of Sexual Health Month, iroha is holding the ‘Putting the Pleasure in Sexual Health’ Campaign. Throughout the month of September, we will be posting on our social media and blogs regarding self-pleasure and sexual health. In addition, we will be holding giveaways in hopes to inspire more to get involved in starting conversations regarding self-pleasure and providing opportunities for more to try self-pleasure for themselves and their sexual health.