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To celebrate the new year, iroha wants to encourage or inspired more to take on a new initiative of self-care and self-pleasure in the new year.

For the month of January, we are offering 10% off our bestsellers of 2022. Hopefully with a new iroha, your new year can be filled with more pleasure.



Check out iroha's 2022 best sellers:

1. iroha+ TORI - Powerful & Elegant Pleasure

iroha+ TORI


2. iroha YUKI - Soft Snowman-inspired Design iroha YUKI



3. iroha petit PLUM - Innovative Touch for Bounding Sensations

iroha petit PLUM close up



4. iroha MIDORI - Cute & Supple Design that Can Caress All Over iroha MIDORI



5. iroha petit LILY - Edges for Flicking Stimulation

iroha petit SHELL close up



6. iroha RIN+ - Adorned with Soft, Spherical Tip

iroha RIN+ tip close up



7. iroha SAKURA - Japanese Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Petal-Inspired

iroha SAKURA


8. iroha MINAMO - Gentle Insertable Pleasure

iroha MINAMO



9. iroha petit SHELL - Pleated Ribs for Enticing Pleasure

iroha petit SHELL close up



10. iroha stick light pink x white - Portable and Discreet

iroha stick light pink x white


For more information about the iroha bestsellers, please visit the individual product pages.



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