The Absolute Best iroha Stocking Stuffers

What makes the perfect stocking stuffer? There’s definitely an amount of skill when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for a stocking. First off, anything too large is out of the question. One of the best parts about a stocking is the discovery of what lies inside, so having anything sticking out of the top will obviously ruin that surprise for the receiver.

Secondly, price is important. Sure, you could say that an expensive kitchen appliance or designer piece of clothing is the best present for the holidays, but finding an affordable gift that brings the recipient as much joy as one of the big ticket items on their list is supremely rewarding.

Last but not least, you can’t forget about originality. Gifting something that won’t wind up in your recipient's junk drawer is easier said than done. Luckily, that’s where iroha comes in. With iroha’s collection of design-focused self-pleasure items in a variety of price points, we have multiple options that check off all the aforementioned boxes.

Read on to learn more about the best stocking stuffers iroha has to offer.


iroha petit: An Indulgent, Innovative Touch

With its, well, petite size, the iroha petit is our first on the list as a perfect stocking stuffer. Perhaps the most unique item in the iroha lineup, the iroha petit features a whole new sensation compared to conventional silicone or vibrating products and is the first single-use iroha item. Made of over 90% water, the petit is available in three different versions each with a unique and enticing sensation to try.

The iroha petit SHELL features pleated ribs, the iroha petit PLUM features rounded edges, and the iroha petit LILY features distinct edges. With its reasonable price point, a set of all three would make the perfect stocking stuffer for a close friend.

The petit can also be used year round. You can gently warm it in your hands or the bath during the colder months, or put it quickly in the refrigerator and use it as a way to cool down during the summer.
Not only designed for genital stimulation, the petit can be used to stimulate the other erogenous zones as well.

With its gentle exterior and unique design, the petit is the ideal stocking stuffer for someone new to self-pleasure as well as for someone wanting to try out new sensations.

iroha mini: A Colorful, Palm-sized Present

Smaller than the palm of your hand, the iroha mini is another perfect stocking surprise. While it may be small in size, the iroha mini features a strong vibration and fully waterproof exterior making it ideal for spending a relaxing time in the bath or taking with you on a trip.

The iroha mini is available in three distinct color combinations named after fruits native to Japan. The iroha mini FUJI-LEMON is a vibrant purple and green, the iroha mini UME-ANZU is a soothing combination of dark and light pink, and the iroha mini SORA-MIKAN is a bright orange and sky blue.

While we love all the colors, there are many fans of the orange/blue SORA-MIKAN as it’s quite rare for vibrators to be available in those colors.

iroha stick: A Playful, Portable Stocking-stuffer

Last but not least, the iroha stick is the final mini item to put in a loved one’s stocking for the holidays.

With its portable, discreet design meant to mimic a lipstick, the recipient of the iroha stick may not at first even realize that they’re receiving a vibrator!

Like the iroha mini mentioned above, the iroha stick features a compact, waterproof design that’s easy to slip into a pocket or purse, as well as use in the bath. The tip is also made from a softer silicone tip compared to vibrators from other brands. With an anti-dust coating, the iroha stick is ensured to stay clean wherever it is stored.

The iroha stick also features an adjustable dial controller to change the vibration from gentle to strong depending on preference.

With its unique design, as well as its waterproof and dustproof properties, the iroha stick is sure to make a memorable addition to a loved one’s stocking this year.


Picking out stocking stuffers is easier said than done. With that being said, for the right person, a small gift from iroha is the perfect, unique addition to a stocking. The items mentioned above are small, unique, and offered at an accessible price point. What better way to give back this holiday season than with the gift of self-pleasure?

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