Creating New Concepts of Self-pleasure The Development Story of the iroha mai

The iroha mai allows users to experience deeper, more three-dimensional vibrations than conventional motor vibrations, never felt before in iroha's lineup of self-pleasure items.

To commemorate the launch of the iroha mai, we are taking an in-depth exploration of its appeal from a different perspective. We will introduce the details of the design and unique vibrations of the new "HapticWave® Technology" by interviewing the person in charge of the development of the iroha mai.


What is the iroha mai?

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The iroha mai is an insertable pleasure item that was designed to be for G-spot stimulation, using a whole new type of vibration. Released on January 26, 2023, the iroha mai is the first in the iroha series to feature HapticWave® Technology.

What is HapticWave® Technology?

The "HapticWave® Technology" of the iroha mai is technology that provides a more realistic experience through tactile sensations (called haptics) that can be felt throughout the body. It can reproduce the feeling of objects touching the body and the sensation of movement.

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Haptic technology provides tactile feedback through vibration and movement, and is used in smartphones, game controllers, and other devices.

10 Varied Sound-Based Rhythm Patterns

iroha mai 10 vibration patternsWith the iroha mai, you can choose from 10 varied and enticing sound-based rhythm patterns to discover pleasure that resonates with you.
All rhythms, pulses, and music-based vibrations can be adjusted to three levels of intensity to even further expand your pleasure! 

"Behind-the-Scenes" Stories from the Designer

iroha product designer holding iroha mai SeriesWe have introduced the technology and various vibration patterns of the product, but it might still be hard to fully understand the benefits.

With that in mind, we would like to conduct an interview with Gemma, the person responsible for developing the iroha mai, and share plenty of insights into the development of the item.

Thoughts on the Development of the iroha mai 

Interviewer: To start with, what was the inspiration behind the iroha mai?
Gemma: The catalyst behind its development was the desire to create a product that provides a different kind of pleasure from the typical self-pleasure item. The iroha mai&s development began in pursuit of this goal. While regular vibrators use rotary motors, the iroha mai employs a unique component that utilizes sonic vibrations.

This component is often used in devices like game controllers and is known for its ability to generate a wide range of vibration patterns, allowing users to experience three-dimensional and deep vibrations. These features led to the development of the iroha mai as the first iroha item that uses sonic vibration.

I: So it uses a different type of motor compared to previous iroha items? Could you tell us more about its specific characteristics?
G: The key component responsible for generating sonic vibrations is called an "actuator." It is characterized by the ability to provide a diverse range of sensations, such as thumping and bubbling, which were previously impossible to generate with rotary motors.
As a result, it allows for distinct and deeper internal stimulation, and offers higher potential in terms of range of sensations. Moreover, it is significantly quieter compared to conventional motors.
iroha MIKAZUKI vibration GIF
The iroha MIKAZUKI vibration patterns vs. The iroha mai vibration patterns
iroha mai HapticWAVE™ Technology Vibration GIF

I: A great feature of the iroha mai is that it offers a wide variety of vibrations. How did you create the different vibration types?
G: When it comes to creating vibration patterns, we actually approached it similarly to sound production.
We found that the most discernible sensations fall within the low-frequency range (40Hz to 70Hz). We came up with ten different variations and had our team members try them out. We received feedback, made improvements, which eventually resulted in the current ten patterns. It's also interesting to note that these patterns offer unique musical elements and can create new sensations that other products on the market do not have.

I: It's interesting to hear how you created the vibrations! By the way, my favorite is Relaxing Musical Rhythm (R8), is there anything particular about this vibration mode?
G: I wanted to create a vibration pattern that would make you feel relaxed, so I mixed in a rhythm with a slow tempo. The pattern has a deep, resonant vibration as a base, but you can also hear a melody when you put it to your ear. This is the most novel and unique vibration setting among the 10 types.

I see! So which vibration is your favorite?
G: Personally, I like the Strong Pulse Rhythm (R7) x HIGH Vibration Strength, which I fully enjoy, even as external stimulation.
Also, it is easy to feel the unique characteristics of the iroha mai with the Push/Pull Rhythm (R3). The vibration builds quickly, and you can feel how rapidly the rhythm changes, which would be difficult to do with motors in conventional vibrators.
Rather than direct vibrations, the iroha mai can produce more flowing and resonant vibrations, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of variations in a single product. Product Designer Gemma holding iroha mai TOKI
I: Are there any other points you'd like to discuss besides the vibration patterns?
G: The iroha mai is firmer compared to some of our other products. We decided to forego the soft silicone used in other iroha items in order to let you directly feel the vibrations, a key feature of the product.
We also made this high-end product with a special bend in the middle, to better stimulate sensitive internal areas. It is something that iroha has never done before.
iroha MINAMO Softness GIF
The mai is firmer than the M&M so you can directly feel the vibrations.
iroha mai Softness GIF
Many items designed for internal stimulation from other companies look like male genitalia. We arrived at this design after much trial and error with the shape, size, feel, and more.
We also sought a new look for the appearance of the item, being conscious of how to place and store the item so that it didn't look like a typical adult product.
iroha mai TOKI on its charging base

The motif of this product was inspired by waterfowl, and the insertable part was designed to resemble the body of a bird floating on the surface of water. In order to convey the refined, elegant and high specifications of the product, we paid attention to all details, such as the mirror-like material for the charging base.

For whom would you recommend the iroha mai?
G: iroha has many items for beginners in self-pleasure, but we developed the iroha mai with the idea of creating an insertable item that is higher-end than the iroha M&M, with new options for self-pleasure.
So as for recommendations, I think that people who already enjoy internal stimulation will really enjoy this item.
Incidentally, looking at reviews of the in-house trials, some people said that having 10 vibration patterns made it fun to play with. I think we were greatly able to broaden our horizons of pleasure. What did you think our "Behind-the-Scenes" interview on the creation of the iroha mai from its designer, Gemma?
iroha mai was inspired by a desire to offer a new option for self-pleasure. It uses a revolutionary motor different from conventional self-pleasure items and creates a whole new vibration experience.
We hope you will find pleasure that resonates with you from among the various vibration patterns and strengths to choose from!