What is the Self-Pleasure Brand iroha?

Celebrating its 10th anniversary on March 3, 2023, iroha commemorated a milestone in reshaping societal views on female sexuality in Japan, which has long been shrouded in taboo, creating a more open atmosphere for everyone. To honor its 10th anniversary, iroha welcomed Kiko Mizuhara, the multi-talented actor, model, and designer, as our brand ambassador!

For those who have recently become acquainted with iroha, we'll introduce the brand and the products in this article.


What Kind of Brand is iroha?

iroha x Kiko Mizuhara - Color Your Pleasure

The Birth of A New Brand

Since its launch, the TENGA Company has been advocating the message of 'Bringing Sexuality to the Forefront, for Everyone to Enjoy'.

As a result, the aim was to produce items that could bring enjoyment to people of any gender and sexuality.

However, the company had limited resources and a limited number of employees in its early days. It wasn't until around 2011, as the number of female employees started to grow, that projects started with the vision of empowering women to be in the forefront of the creation of products for women.

After a period of research and extensive development, the brand iroha was created in 2013.

Original iroha Series banner

The first generation of iroha products, made of super-soft silicone, were the YUKI, MIDORI and the SAKURA.

Origin of the Name iroha

iroha Logo - Essence of Japan

The name 'iroha' is derived from the traditional poem used to learn Japanese 'kana' (alphabet). It was chosen because the company hopes to be a nurturing source of empowerment and growth for women as they explore their sexuality.

Among other names that were considered was the name ​​'kurumekku,' which is a play on the word 'mekurumeku' (similar to spinning or dizzying in English). Quite a different image!


Using the Term 'Self-Pleasure Item'

At iroha, we prefer to use the term 'self-pleasure items' instead of more direct terms like 'sex toys', 'adult goods', or 'masturbation items.' We choose to use words that do not evoke feelings of embarrassment or shame. 'Self-pleasure' is also commonly used in Western cultures, to help dispel any feelings of embarrassment associated with the topic.

The term 'masturbation' carries a somewhat limited image of 'reaching orgasm in order to relieve sexual desire.' On the other hand, 'self-pleasure' does not necessarily carry a specific purpose, and the type of enjoyment involved is not restricted to a specific act or body part. Therefore, there is flexibility to 'finding one's own pleasure', which is not limited to orgasm. We express it in a nuanced way with terms like 'self-love' or 'self-pleasure' rather than 'masturbation'.

A Wide Range of Products

At iroha, we incorporate a modern Japanese aesthetic into our products. This style combines traditional Japanese elements with a modern sensibility, resulting in designs that are both timeless and contemporary. We strive to create products that are both minimal and charming, like traditional Japanese sweets. We want our products to blend seamlessly into your everyday life, to become objects of joy and utility that you'll cherish for years to come.

To help you get started, we've selected some of our most popular items, embodying the unique blend of tradition and modernity that defines iroha.

From a wide range of items, we encourage you to find your perfect iroha. 

External Use 

iroha petit Series banner

iroha petit (From left to right: SHELL, PLUM, & LILY)

For beginners of self-pleasure items or those who are sensitive to strong vibrations, we recommend the iroha petit. This disposable item is made of 98% water. The soft and supple texture of the iroha petit allows for a new way to explore pleasure, different from using silicone products or vibrating items.
The petit is also very popular with people who may feel reluctant to keep items at home, as they can simply dispose of it after use.


iroha stick series banner

iroha stick (From left: light pink × white, coral × gray, & lilac × black)

Shaped like a discreet lipstick, this compact and portable pleasure device is easy to use and carry with you, even on trips. Powered by a single AAA battery, by turning the Power Dial clockwise, you can adjust the intensity to your preference.


Insertable Items

Insertable Item Chart

*Waterproof up to 20"

iroha offers 5 different types of insertable items. (Please refer to the comparison table above for a summary of the features.)


iroha MIKAZUKI & MINAMO banner

iroha MIKAZUKI (yellow) and MINAMO (light blue)

iroha MINAMO & MIKAZUKI feature a unique soft material exclusive to iroha with an ergonomically designed and flexible structure that fits the contours of the body. With a tip width of 2 cm (0.8 inches), it is the slimmest among iroha's insertable items, and designed for first-time users as well as beginners of luxury massagers. It comes with a black case that also serves as a charging stand, allowing you to charge the device discreetly.


iroha mai Banner

iroha mai TOKI (pink) and TSURU (white)

The iroha mai is the first of its kind in the iroha series to use HapticWave® technology. It converts low-frequency sound waves into deep, three-dimensional vibrations providing a realistic, tactile experience for your body. The tip is slightly thicker at 3.15 cm (1.2 inches), and is recommended for those who want to enjoy the feeling of insertion.


Partnered Products

iroha SVR Series banner

iroha SVR Top: Coral Pink and Bottom: Very Peri

The iroha SVR was created for couples in order to create deeper moments of partnered communication. Attach to the base of the shaft to heighten coupled pleasure, or attach to fingers to create a stimulating touch. Convenient storage pouch to take it with you on the go.  iroha logo divider

Globally, we also offer many other optional items designed to enhance your self-pleasure experience, including aroma mists, massage oils, candles, lotions, and cleaners for self-pleasure items.