Desire at Dusk and Dawn: The iroha SVR Twilight Edition

In relationships, the difference between morning people and evening people creates a special challenge. How can you find a balance when your internal body clocks are set to different time zones? In a world that favors early risers, night owls often struggle with schedules that clash with their natural rhythms.

This also applies to moments of intimacy, where couples not only have to compromise on frequency but also on timing. In this article, we will explore this challenge by examining the results of a recent study on the impact of morningness and eveningness on desire. Additionally, we will take a look at a potential solution: the iroha SVR Twilight Edition.


Morningness vs. Eveningness: Different Daily Dynamics

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There are morning people, and then there are evening people. The 2018 study “Similarity in Chronotype and Preferred Time for Sex and Its Role in Relationship Quality and Sexual Satisfaction,” published in Frontiers in Psychology, tells us as much. But it also tells us much more about what the difference in daily rhythms means for our romantic relationships. 

The study highlights interesting differences between morning and evening people, particularly in how they navigate intimate moments. 

The desire of morning-oriented people, especially of men, rises with the morning sun. This means that they often exhibit a preference for early intimacy. However, the desire of evening-oriented people dawns at dusk, when the day's work is done. Women, whether they are morning or evening people, experience their highest desire during the calm hours of the evening.

While this reveals a difference between genders, it also highlights their need and willingness to compromise. Although morning-oriented men prefer intimacy early in the morning, the actual timing of intimate moments aligns with women's preference for late-night passion. This emphasizes the importance of collaboration and negotiation within relationships to ensure moments of shared pleasure.

Of course, other factors may also come into play. Even if a couple wants to be intimate early in the morning, it might be difficult to do so. This is because of time constraints, family-related responsibilities, work duties, and many other factors. 

To sum it up, while desires may differ during the day, the timing of when couples act on them stays similar. The reasons for this are diverse and go beyond whether both partners experience desire at the same time.

The iroha SVR Series: Fostering Compromise and Connection

TENGA SVR in water

As desire might dim or flare up between morning and night, the study emphasizes the importance of compromise within romantic relationships. While gender-specific patterns exist, couples can improve their sexual and relationship satisfaction through the willingness to compromise.

So, what do you do if one partner’s desire surges bright and early while the other’s is still deep in slumber? The means of sharing pleasure outside of preferred time frames has already arrived: the Smart Vibe Ring (SVR)! The SVR is a vibrating ring whose strong vibrations are sure to (a)rouse anyone’s desire. Whether you use it to work both partners towards full excitement or to deepen the desire during play, the SVR allows for an enhanced experience at any time of day.

First introduced in 2015, the TENGA SVR (Smart Vibe Ring) has garnered international acclaim for enriching partnered pleasure. With its elegant design and robust features, including the ability to attach it to your fingers, the SVR series allows for both solo and coupled play.

The SVR goes beyond the traditional function of other intimate rings. While other such products mainly serve the function of maintaining firmness, the SVR is a pleasure item that enhances pleasure at any point of play. If you have a clitoris, it can offer heightened stimulation during intercourse. If you have a penis, the tightness of the ring can enhance stamina and the intensity of the sensations. What is more, the SVR’s elongated design makes it perfect to put over your fingers and to explore your partner’s body and give them pleasure even before it is put onto the shaft. With its adaptable nature, the SVR allows couples to explore various scenarios, offering shared pleasure whether used during foreplay, penetrative sex, or solo play.

In 2023, TENGA and iroha decided to create the iroha SVR in a joint effort. They created an iroha item that retains many of the TENGA SVR’s characteristics, but with an iroha twist.

The iroha SVR’s fine features include:

  • Five vibrations strengths
  • Two unique rhythm modes, designed exclusively for iroha
  • Running time up to 60 min. at full power
  • Body-safe silicone with durable stretchiness
  • Waterproof up to 50 cm / 20"
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Comes with an original drawstring pouch to store the main unit and charging cable
  • Available in soft pastel colors of Coral Pink and Very Peri

Renowned for its powerful vibrations and elegant design, the iroha SVR has shipped more than 680,000 units globally, bringing shared pleasure to people all around the world.

In light of this, iroha has created a highly limited edition SVR that is certain to bring a spark to even the darkest of nights, and give rise to an even more radiant kind of pleasure: the iroha SVR Twilight Edition.

    The iroha SVR Twilight Edition: Capture the Ever-Changing Colors of the Sky

    iroha SVR Twilight Edition

    Just like people’s desires may rise with the sun or deepen at night, the inspiration behind the iroha SVR Twilight Edition comes from the captivating colors of twilight.

    The MISORA captures the fleeting moment just before the sun sets. That time when the boundary between night and day is blurred, and the sky shifts through hues of warm yellow, passionate pink, and an enveloping blue, ending in the onset of darkness. In contrast, the KASUMI kisses you awake with the first light of day, bathing you in cool shades of blue. It rouses you from your slumber when the air is calm, clear, and filled with a refreshing morning mist.

    iroha SVR Twilight Edition MISORA and KASUMI

    Beyond its beauty, the iroha SVR Twilight Edition becomes a symbol of shared passion at every time of day. Featuring a limited edition drawstring pouch, couples can take it with them wherever they go. The iroha SVR Twilight Edition thereby fosters a deeper connection between partners, even at unusual hours of the day.

    Whether you and your partner's clock are set to the same time zones and whether you prefer passion as the first or last order of the day, the iroha SVR Twilight Edition is certain to brighten your every instance of intimacy.


    image of a sunset

    While passion may peak at different times, transforming that passion into intimacy relies on mutual collaboration and communication. For couples wanting to synchronize their desires, the iroha SVR Twilight Edition stands tall as a beacon of innovation. It adds a touch of something playful and new to shared moments, thus allowing for the flexibility and creativity that enhances intimate connections, especially in the long run.

    The study we discussed encourages us to become aware of our partner’s and our own desires to find the best time for intimacy. By making us conscious of the differences, the study helps us become aware of the significance of compromise and flexibility in intimate encounters. Adding couples toys, such as the iroha SVR, allows for new dimensions of pleasure and exploration, thus enhancing shared moments. 

    Whether morning or night, the journey of intimate connection becomes an exploration of preferences that encourages us to find a rhythm that is unique to us and our relationship. And by doing so, to color our pleasure anew with every break of day.

    Pre-order the iroha SVR Twilight Edition here!

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